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Vigalantee The Hip-Hopologist: Fat Joe, Fat Taxes, Fat Problems – Why Do Rappers Get Financially Slammed?


In this interview, Vigalantee The Hip-hopologist from Reason4Rhymes discusses the recent conviction of the rapper Fat Joe for tax evasion.  Joe is going to be headed to prison in the spring and some are wondering, “Why are rappers having so many financial issues?”

To think about the matter more deeply, Vigalantee speaks with Wayne Hodges from Mass Appeal News. The two discuss the hip-hop music industry and whether or not the blinging and balling lifestyle leads a lot of artists to put themselves into serious financial problems.   When it comes to money, rappers love to brag about how much they have, even if they don’t have any.  But then, when the IRS comes knocking, that’s when cars, houses, jewels and everything else end up getting repossessed.

Is there  way to change this cycle?

The interview is below:


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