By: Victor “Doc V” Trammell Director Spike Lee is known not to bite his tongue. The outspoken 55-year-old film maker has levied his criticism against Tyler Perry for what he calls stereotypical film making on Perry’s part. Lee is known for producing and directing films that make you think. The riveting “Malcolm X” (starring Denzel Washington) gave a great cinematic look into one of America’s greatest civil rights leaders. According to the New York Post, Spike Lee has chosen a new film maker to level his analytical critique against; Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino’s new film, “Django Unchained” hit theatres tomorrow. However, Lee insists that he won’t be standing in line to see a movie that he deems to be derogatory of slavery. Spike took to Twitter to express his distaste for the film. He wrote: “ American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. It Was A Holocaust.  My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them.” (Spike Lee’s Twitter) Spike Lee made the tweet after a Vibe TV interview where he wouldn’t answer questions about the film because he didn’t plan on seeing it. In the video interview Lee said: “I can’t speak on it ’cause I’m not gonna see it. I’m not seeing it. “All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors to see that  film. That’s the only thing I’m gonna say,” he explained. “I can’t disrespect my  ancestors. I can’t do it. Now, that’s me. I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody  but myself. I can’t do it.” (Vibe TV) Lee also made a strong comment on Twitter against a person calling themselves “Rogue Academic.” They wrote the following in response to Lee’s original tweet: “The goal of the holocaust was death and destruction; the goal of American  slavery was tobacco, indigo, rice, and cotton.” Lee quickly fired back and wrote: “ Like Slaves Didn’t Die? What Kind Of Academic Are You? And George Washington  Didn’t Own Slaves Too?” This isn’t the first time Spike Lee has fired off against Quentin Tarantino. He criticized the 49-year-old film maker for his repeated use of the n-word in his film “Pulp Fiction.”

Spike Lee Blasts “Django Unchained” Says He Will Boycott The Film

tarantinosplit-webBy: Victor “Doc V” Trammell

Director Spike Lee is known not to bite his tongue. The outspoken 55-year-old film maker has levied his criticism against Tyler Perry for what he calls stereotypical film making on Perry’s part. Lee is known for producing and directing films that make you think. The riveting “Malcolm X” (starring Denzel Washington) gave a great cinematic look into one of America’s greatest civil rights leaders.

According to the New York Post, Spike Lee has chosen a new film maker to level his analytical critique against; Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino’s new film, “Django Unchained” hit theatres tomorrow. However, Lee insists that he won’t be standing in line to see a movie that he deems to be derogatory of slavery. Spike took to Twitter to express his distaste for the film. He wrote:

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  9. Spike Lee is proud and happy to be a slave, and wants the
    world to know he is a happy slave. That is why he uses
    that silly cigarette holder. To make sure everyone knows
    that he is proud to be addicted to the white man’s tobacco.

  10. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Oh Spike duh supm! We're accustomed to seeing your work on screen.

  11. This movie is apart of black history and I am going to support it because my ancestors praved the way for me to be free and educated.

  12. I'm the owner of The Camaro this is so disingenuous. You didn't post the video where I left your ass did you? Plus I wasn't racing you on that one I was in second gear. Don't be a bitch! Because that what you posted is a bitch move. Hopefully, I'll see you soon the streets or the track!

    Spike is right! The negro need to wake the hell up! The scriptures says this,

    Deut 32:7
    Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will shew thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.

    The Negro is the only dummy that hate his holocaust but embrace everyone else's. No other race of people have suffered like the so call negro who are the real Jews according to the bible. The bible is your history book negro! The Trans Atlantic slave trade is in the bible our captivity in America is in the bible.

    Act 7:6-7
    6 And God spake on this wise, That his seed should sojourn in a strange land; and that they should bring them into bondage, and entreat them evil four hundred years.
    7 And the nation to whom they shall be in bondage will I judge, said God: and after that shall they come forth, and serve me in this place.

    But of course the Negro don't know because he to busy trying to fit in and assimilate which the people that have destroy us as a race in the modern day Babylon which is America. The Negro is to busy loving and embracing everyone else but not embracing himself! Wake the fuck up Black man black woman black child! Aren't you tired of sleeping? Do your thing Spike!

  13. Every time Spike makes a comment its always something negative against another director. He thinks he is the only one who should be making movies with black related themes. I've seen Django and the only insult it had to his ancestors was if his ancestors were white slave owners.

  14. I was like WOW, a black man by himself going about killing white people? I get a feeling that the actor was be trying to show that blacks were getting ready for revolution. and I support that concept. We need to be ready for the coming revolution brothers and sisters, a return to 1857 is in the works believe me. please email me your comments at: Rev. Raymond Brown president National Action Now.

  15. Spike needs to write more positive movies then he wouldn’t be sos so offended in Tyler Perry either.

  16. Spike needs to write more positive movies then he wouldn’t be sos so offended in Tyler Perry either.

  17. Bernice Roach Benbow

    Saw the movie and enjoyed it very much. I thought the director did a great job, writer very creatie with his twists. It was not meant to be historially factual. We as blacks have got to stop thinking our story is beyond touching or that it needs to be hushed and forgotten as if it reflects shame on our part no, it needs to be told whether using humor or facts just tell it and remember the shame was NEVER ours to claim! We can look upon our history with pride in a people strong, determined and blessed to survive!

    • Our folk get so riled up over sh–tuff, then want to be the first to arm chair! LOL!! If the movie represented slavery or anything else in its historical alacrity, it would have called a documentary.

  18. It is just bad taste for Spike to be criticizing other people’s work, I haven’t heard of othe directors doing it to him, sounding like jealousy. And it’s not pretty, Spike if you have nothing nice to say,say nothing.

  19. Spike Lee take a look at yourself You are disrespecting Your ancestors, killing your own brothers… look at yourself, this is only a movie, and black people are working…When are You going to put some people back to work? Tyler does and You bash Him… shut up Spike Your act is getting old!

  20. Spike Lee is one of those Crab in a Barrel types… He can't stand to see anyone else have any success, especially other black people… It's like he thinks he copyrighted the black experience and anyone whose POV is different he has to make a negative comment… He just mad that no one wanted to see that last "movie" he made…

  21. Spike Lee is full of "s—"!, what?, is he jealous of other Blacks success in film making? hell, I thought a lot of HIS movies was stupid, and NEVER ended right..He needs to sit down, and shut the hell up!

  22. I can't/won't call Spike an hypocrite.He has his own reason for not supporting this film..HE' has been in the industry for many years and knows what goes on..Maybe he should shed some light on the topic..Look at the movie s Spike produces and now you have Jamie Foxx who would play any role for a dollar no matter how it makes him look…Hollywood supports Hollywood not you or me..Calling him a hypocrite is almost the same as calling him crazy..that s very submissive..Look at the movie..the plot..and who wrote it..yea it will probably be a good moving from an entertainment point of view..but hey who am i…stay up people..much love.

  23. This comment as well as the one before is for Carlos/Karlos, notonly are you illiterate, but ignorant as well. You’re not even capable of discussing anything of substance with a real man/woman. Not on your level…BOY.

  24. What you need to do is take a good English & History class before you comment on anything pertaining to Black History and addressing an educated individual.

  25. I have been wondering how the African American community would take this film. After seeing it yesterday, I loved it. But, although seemingly accurately depicted, I could see how the extreme horrificness of the treatment of the slaves could be taken offensively. I’ve been following Quentin Tarantino for some time now so I expected it to be as gruesome and truthful as imaginatively possible. If anyone has seen the movie on here, let me know what you thought! I really would like to hear some opinions on it!

  26. Sterling Innovalogic

    I agree with spike. I love Jamie fox, but the reasoning, and explanation he gave in some sort of matter-of-fact way to justify this THING called "Django Unchained", on Cathy Hughes show, was very disturbing to me. I do not want anyone making any sort of mockery, concerning the worst Holocaust against a people ever. Our Holocaust is still going on, and it was, and is world wide, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Our struggle continue, and we simply continue to deal with it, and make things happen for ourselves, as we have always done. In addition, I love Samuel L. Jackson, but there are a lot of these sorts of movies with this language and behavior that he does not have a problem with on screen, but this time around I am not in the MOOD, just like Spike. Quentin Tarantino! Yeah, Right.

    The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade – The middle passage was the worst event in human history, and it spanned decades. Read, study, and know. It was run, and funded by a intense small group of businessmen who ran the Trans-Atlantic slave trade from New York. 98% of them were known to be JEWISH. QUENTIN TERANTINO, do that movie! then again don't. We better have Spike do it.

    God Bless you my brothers and sisters. We have many stories to write. This is not it.

  27. I'm so sick of Spike Lee, he's just old and angry nad have much too much time on his hand. I think he's so jealous that he now" HAS TO HAVE IT" the spotlight on his criticism seem he doesn't have any great films to focus on. Give us a break Spike.

  28. commonsense seems to be the only person leaving comments that have common sense…

  29. Please Read the original article:

    Sadly but typically, Your Black has mislead/misinformed its readers in a SUCCESSFUL attempt to people to its website. Spike Lee DID NOT "blast" the movie. After reading his comments you will agree…I am certain. Thanks, Your Black for doing what other irresponsible media outlets do on the regular: use outlandish baiting tactics to acquire website traffic! Dang. Just present information in its context – and then give people the opportunity to make an informed decision. What you have also done here is portrayed Spike Lee in a negative light in regards to Django unchained…Once AGAIN another black person demonized by his/her very own! Shameful…

    My response to the article is below.

    I do have plans to go see Django Unchained. However, I am certainly aware that slavery was a horrific condition – and should not be taken lightly. Spike Lee actually did not "BLAST" the movie. The individual who wrote this article/statement used the word, blast as a description of Spike's comment. Lee's words were/are FAR from a blast…the user of the word, blast did a great job of attracting people to his/her piece. I wish I would have not been pulled in by the journalistic tactic. Anyway, Spike Lee has decided to not view the film based on his beliefs of what he thinks the movie will portray. That's his prerogative. And, finally, if the writer of this piece above is black he/she should know better…what he/she has done is created an environment that promotes discord among black people. Shameful!


  31. O guess it would be ok if the movie was directed by a black man.

  32. A lot of people hating on Spike Lee, surprise? lets keep it simple black folk, spike "it's offensive to my ancestors" jamie foxx is a multimillion air being paid to play a slave(who had nothing dignity), is being directed by a white man, while highly paid actors, black highly paid actors to be subjected to being called nigger, fictionally abused. In a comic-con interview a white guy is giving him props saying "Yeah I heard it was hard shooting some scenes, being called nigger etc.." So poor Jamie! why not just buy a real slave fly him over make him learn his lines with a whip, call it a behind the scenes fictional documentary, then send him back to what ever poor country he's from a put 100 bucks in his pocket and tell him hes rich now be happy and thaink america.(who knew slavery still exists in present day)? No we need a highly trained actors actresses and throw millions of dollars at them. Slavery was not that long ago and long after slavery was abolished there were laws enacted to keep black folk "in there place!" It was an Idea whites didn't want to live around blacks and blacks didn't want to live around them so lets just separate or segregate blacks and whites. Long story short white people have been racist for hundreds of years, I believe its in there DNA subconsciously it comes out kind of like a dog that doesn't like black people. "I'm not racist but my dog is so we got to lock him up when ya come over." Sorry a bit of topic… but look at the history of black movies ex: Amistad, great movie, most whites haven't heard of it or care to. "The help" White people love that movie. I heard on hear to boycott that because it's another movie where with the help of a white woman everything turns out ok. Well they don't say what happened later have they thought about making "the help 2"? would whites still show up? would blacks? Tarantino has a huge fan base even if every black person boycotted. So I can ramble on here all day about- injustices I hear about and read(not just in film, news, sports, etc) If I have to choose to make film about slavery, I would personally choose Spike because you know it would be historically accurate, closer to his heart experiencing..being in an elite category of black directors, but with action sequences, blood violence you have to go with Tarantino's Films. In closing If Spike lee makes a film with a black actors/actresses its labeled as a "black movie"! (Discouraging white movie goers because they want to have fun at the movies, "not feel guilty, about something that was forever ago, ya know?") When Tarantino makes a's a movie. Ps Jamie foxx is gay… what was the name of his radio show FoxxHole…a whole new meaning

  33. CommonSenseKing: while I agree with you about people doing whatever makes them happy; but quite frankly, we NEED MORE Black consciousness. The leaders might have fallen for the heroin in the 60s & 70s, but WE are falling for killing each other over nothing right now. So, don’t you think WE NEED MORE BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS? Don’t put it down if you haven’t lived it. You sound young. Do your homework.

    • I sound young?? Based on what telling the actual facts of the former black Panther leaders? How about the murder of Malcolm X by his own people? Who doesn’t know about the irrational killings of our own people by our own people on a daily basis? Black consciousness you say? And just what does this actually mean in light of our people doing whatever they feel like doing at any and all cost? Black consciousness starts in the home. And guess what I don’t live in everyone’s house! Please make no assessment of my age of pull me into a discussion unless you’re ready to actually converse about facts. It doesn’t take black consciousness to see the damage inflicted on the black community by the black community. I’ve been on the front lines fighting resistance from those that despise the truth and guess who they were? I’ll let you tell me.

  34. Uhhhh… Slavery IS and WAS derogatory… What the hell is Spike talking about? I happen to like Tarrantino’s films. Spike has a right to choose NOT to see the film. I have a right TO see it; and I will.

  35. Uhhhh… Slavery IS and WAS derogatory… What the hell is Spike talking about? I happen to like Tarrantino’s films. Spike has a right to choose NOT to see the film. I have a right TO see it; and I will.

  36. We were sold into slavery by different tribes yes it was for things which were not of value for a human beings life but still we were sold by other AFRICAN TRIBES who were fighting against one another for reason unknown to us . And if spike does not have a hand it well it’s not being done right so he thinks. for those of you who may have missed this google the following
    it makes for good reading.

  37. For the record I just came from watching the movie and IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN! I'm buying the dvd when it hits the shelves. So while people have a right to their opinions on whatever they want to talk about I simply will inject my opinion and say if you haven't seen the movie you sound like a damn fool passing judgement simply because someone else voiced their own opinion WITHOUT SEEING THE MOVIE THEMSELVES! I guess Samuel Jackson, Jamie Foxx and Kerri Washington along with all the other black extra's are all sellouts to THE MAN! Jump off the ship while the tide is high that way your head won't get stuck in the sand!

  38. I wish you all would do research before you post mundane comments about slavery and who sold who… Damn it's easy. Hit google and type in slave trade in Africa. Blacks were enslaved by northern arabs long before the white man stepped foot on the African continent. Blacks were also enslaved in other parts of the world long before they were carried to America. America heard about the slave trade and jumped on board. RESEARCH PEOPLE..JUST HIT THE BUTTON!

    • Thank you… People need to broaden their horizons… This is why we won't advance… They are still stuck on the propaganda fed to them… Europeans weren't the first people to have slaves… In fact black people were enslaving each other long before the Europeans or Arabs arrived… But it's convenient to blame the white man for everything, instead of broadening your horizons and knowing your real history….

  39. Spike needs to get a grip. He makes a living taking us out of our comfort zones, as does Tarantino. I saw Django earlier today and it delivered on a number of levels. Does it make you uncomfortable at times? Hell, yes. Did it have us laughing so hard the tears were flowing? Hell, yes. Big, dverse crowd, 18-80 and heavy applause at the end. I don't think his $10 ticket will be missed.

    • …and you know what, all of Spike's films were not actual or factual representations of life. Being a movie there were embellishments in his script to make them entertaining.

  40. i wonder what the reaction would be if it were reversed. blacks having whites for slaves, chained up, beating them , raping their
    children and all the other stuff..maybe spike should do a
    movie like that..this man has a right and since HE is the
    one with the experience in film making, just maybe he is
    able to see this from a perspective different from how
    all who are talking down on him does..think about it.

  41. Spike is one person and who gives a damn about what he does. He's a hater! He also has double standards. I agree with you Audie!


  43. Overall a vast % of black’s who run out and see a vast % of these movies are being tricked and bambozzled.I wonder how many have read or maybe have even have a copy of the book by Donald Bogle
    ” Toms,Coons, Mamies,Mullatos & Bucks.
    One thing about Spike he has made movies so he knows what really goes on behind the scenes.
    Today,any time black person has some legit things to say something about anything.
    There is this dumb group of black’s who say
    ” All he just hating “. Most of these dummies are jus repeating what they they heard the next person say. Myself,I am tired of looking at all these phony,twisted,homothug,crossdressing images of black people and black males. The racist who really bankroll and financed this crap laugh and call all of us n….’s behind closed doors on a regular.While all these black’s of today going to see some big( just another hollyweird shuffle)
    slave plantation epic.
    These same people will not say a peep about all the black’s men and women locked up in these updated,private owned and operated updated prison plantations. I would not spend a Lincoln cent on this movie( he freed us and we’s can vote now)
    Black’s have not one positive major epic movie made yet.

    The last so-called big major movie about black’s was ” Roots “. We would think by now in the 21st century and in the new year that black’s were way beyond all this slavey plantation stuff.
    But look’s like a vast % of black’s think some white movie maker is doing us a big favor by making another slave movie and using Jamie Fox to trick blacks to see it.

    • Funny I thought people went to see these movies simply because they wanted too. Tricked and bamboolzed into what might I ask? I watched Red Hook Summer and I was tricked and bamboolzed outta of 1.29 cent!! But I digress. To say blacks are dumb and stupid for speaking their mind (the same thing Spike is doing as well as yourself) is a kind of hypocritical don’t ya think? Unless of course your premise is to get everyone to align with your thoughts and concepts therefor making you the leader of the new radical movement for blacks to not make up their own minds in what they actually want to watch whenever they feel like it! Does there always have to be an agenda? Can’t people do whatever makes them happy without being subjected to the consciousness of others who simply don’t agee based upon their own personal choices? Please get off the black power soap box. That concept died along with the black panther leaders that dissolved when they started shooting heroin into their veins!

  44. Well here we go with the stretched articles again to get hits! Spike Lee said he wasn’t going to see the movie. Doesn’t sound like he’s boycotting anything. It simply sounds like he’s not going to see it because he disagrees with the material. If I don’t go see it for the same reason am I boycotting also? This site is becoming a damn joke.

  45. We should know by now, they force us into slavery and Our Ancestors see everything even in their time they had to some things that other Slaves disagreed with to make a point. Spike should have a school and training for young Afrkans living in America and we could get away from the white man.

  46. We should know by now, they force us into slavery and Our Ancestors see everything even in their time they had to some things that other Slaves disagreed with to make a point. Spike should have a school and training for young Afrkans living in America and we could get away from the white man.

  47. And who is going to miss his money at the box office?

  48. To Carlos B.
    I don't agree with you but that was funny. You made my day.

  49. What is wrong with Spike? He needs to leave that crack alone. I love him to death but point blank, how can you pan something that you have never seen?

  50. spike lee should go kill him self.

    • Spike Lee should take his racist black power azz some where wit all dat bullshit, time to retire old man nobody wanna hear that BS lol

    • Sir, and I use the word loosely, are offensive. How dare you call a BROTHER"racist", that has given loads of Black people a step up to fame and fortune in the entertainment business. I stand with Brother Spike Lee in his criticism of this horrible film.

  51. First of all, I'm sure Spike Lee doesn't stand in line for anything. Secondly, I agree with him. This movie isn't going to do anything to change relations btwn the races in this country.
    We've never really had a serious discussion about race and we never will. Until black families and white families can live next door to each other with their kids playing together, having sleepovers at each other's homes, and everything that goes with being neighbors nothing is gonna change here. Ever.
    And the rich white folks who own this president and this country like that just fine.

    • Who said this movie had anything to do with changing relations??? It's a damn movie! That's it!!! Oh wait you're from Cornwall, NY? I grew up in Newburgh, NY! Hi neighbor! Look how a discussion brought us together!

    • I agree with you somewhat, Matthew Carmody; however, my granddaughter lives next to and plays with and has sleepovers and "everything that goes with being neighbors" with white children. That doesn't/hasn't changed this country either. We (and I mean my children, grandchildren, and I) are simply intellectually beyond most of the [white] people in this country. We THINK, then act as appropriate. (I know you don't understand.) Now as for our president, he is beyond ignorant whites too. He may try to compromise with ignorant rich whites, but he is MUCH more intelligent than "rich white people" and he knows how to use that to his advantage without being offensive. He appears agreeable, but he's no one's patsy. Neither is his wife. You would be surprised at what Black people can do.

    • P.S. As for Spike Lee… Please! He doesn't have the credentials to critique anyone or any movie. That mess that he sent out when he first did movies was beyond stupid. I was SHOCKED that "Malcolm X" was so good AND that he did a decent documentary about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.


    • Diahann Pchez Moyler

      Spike is not degrading the topic of slavery. He says it is being used "tongue in cheek" as opposed to being a biographical film. I think I can understand that part of his objection.

    • While I agree with your point, if you are over 40, you have gone to the movies to see worse that Django. For example, Mandingo, Shaft, Shaft in Africa, Shaft in Zimbabwe, etc. Come on, it's a FILM. It's NOT a BIRTH OF A NATION. Now, I "OBJECT" to THAT film. I never took it as being biographical. Really? Tarrantino? Spike should know better. He's entitled to his opinion. Tarrantino always said he grew up watching Blacksploitation films. So did I. I loved Pulp Fiction; Inglorious Bastards; not so much Jackie Brown (but, I love Pam Greer).

  53. I just watched Red Hook Summer and I realize I wasted damn near 2 hours of my life that I'll never recover! Spike Lee judging by your light complexion your ancestors were in the big house with massa! Sit your ass down and shut up!

    • I agree, that movie was trash… That's the bug in is ass… He's been making sub-par movies that no one wants to see, so instead of congratulating the next person on their success, he has to try and tear them down… He did the same thing with Tyler Perry…

  54. I respect Spike Lee, but I'm still going to see the movie. And for the record, Malcolm X wasn't so much a "civil rights" leader as he was a Human Rights leader. Don't let the passage of time soften Malcolm's message!

  55. We should know by now, they force us into slavery and Our Ancestors see everything even in their time they had to some things that other Slaves disagreed with to make a point. Spike should have a school and training for young Afrkans living in America and we could get away from the white man.

    • get it straight blacks wasent force into slavery blacks was sold as slave to the white men and sold them other africans for money

    • Diahann Pchez Moyler

      They were forced!!! Whether they were sold by other blacks or not. If you don't want to do something and someone makes you do it, then you are forced. You get it straight.

    • Carlos needs to read before he spews crap that others have said. Africans were captured and sold by other Africans to the white man, yes. But the ones that were captured were taken AGAINST their will. Stolen, is a better word; as in "property". When they were brought to this country, via Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the like; they became property of Europeans who STOLE this country from the Indians and Mexicans (you DO know, Carlos, that California, Texas & Arizona WAS part of Mexico, right?). I embrace my history. I've studied it all my life and I'm not embarrassed by it, because if it were NOT for the very STRONG slaves that survived that treachery, I would not be here. But, I digress. Spike has his opinion and I was raised to have my own. I like Tarrantino and I am going to see Django because I choose to do so. I liked most of his films; and quite frankly, I've never been a BIG Spike Lee fan, but because he was a brother, I supported his efforts. The same for Robert Townsend, Ice Cube, Singleton and the like.

  56. THIS coming from a man that made a fiasco of a movie called BAMBOOZOLED, HE needs to just shut the hell up and make is own slave movie orsomething. he is beginning to sound like GRANDPA ABE SIMPSON OF THE SIMPSONS, ALWAYS COMPLAINING. Time to put out or shut up.

    • Spike knows what he is doing. It's not about the Django as much as is about controversy. That's Spikes brand. He is succeeded again, he has everyone talking about it. There are lots of movies that don't add up to our African American history so my question is why didn't he boycott those? It's all about timing for Spike, he knows how to get attention and that's part of the business. Everyone has the right to an opinion and everyone has the right to go see whatever they choose. There are other issues and problems in the African American community that need our attention so don't fall for the diversion. May God bless us all.

  57. I love Spike Lee's work, but he presents himself as the Supreme Judge of Who and What is Black in America. Who gives a damn whether or not he will boycott a movie. Take your court side seat at the next Knicks game ans STFU.

    • James: This is exciting. Spike has actually incited an intellectual riot about a film he has never seen. I did not intend to see the movie. I have a grandson who recently graduate from Kansas University with a degree in Cinematography. I wonder how he feels about this product? Maybe I will ask him. I liked both Malcolm X and Ray Charles. I also like Oprah's Sisters. These are the last three movies I have seen. I do not support the movie industry. I guess I am excited to take part in this debate. As a Black Power product I do wish to see the credentials of a purveyor of a subject I am associated with.

  58. Seems like he's against any Black Man gaining fame, money or props for works in Spikes profession. Sounds like a good ole house n****R hat'n.

  59. Spike is a hypocrite , i don't know about the movie. But Spike has a bad habit of being selectively offended , he's offended by this movie he wants boycotted.But he wasn't offended by the Knicks treatment of Black woman Anucha Brown Sanders when she sued the Knicks for sexual harassment and won her case.You didn't here him utter one word against the organization when it was found that she was being sexually harassed and railroaded out of her job.He never mentioned a boycott the.Spike needs to sit his midget minded maggot ass down some where.The Knicks need to get him a jockey suit and sit him in the front of the building… bad they already do that….

    • Angela Moore- Kelly

      I agree — how can you have any opinion about a movie you haven't and won't see —

    • Angela Moore- Kelly

      Spike needs to realize these people are acting — spike is just a very jealous person —-

    • Nosa Ellis Akhionbare

      Ignorance is really a disease. Mr Brunson or whatever they call you, better stick to the subject matter and be constructive in your criticisms of others. This is America and Spike Lee has a right to express his thoughts on movies because he is an expert. How can Mr. Lee be jealous when if not for him, many of our so called black stars would not be where they are today. Black people are too critical of each other. Why?

    • Wow!!!!! Nobody boycotted "Jungle Fever" and some of the other junk Lee produced. Sounds like a case of jealousy to me.

    • Sorry Nosa, but your false equivalent of Spike Lee paving the wave for many of today's Black/African American stars is like connecting dots, but there are no dots. Mr. Brunson has addressed the subject matter by pointing out a hypocrisy that Mr. Lee often participates in, and personally this appears to be a case of reverse racism to me. Mr. Lee makes allegation that Tarantino's movie is derogatory against racism. Is that against the historical record or Mr. Lee's revision of it? That we cannot tell since he did not view the movie, and that action suggests that he thinks for a reason that is not so obvious, (Hmmmm?) that Tarantino is not qualified to make a movie about slavery. Please spare us the reverse racism. We are about finding and being apart of solutions, not apart of the problem.

      Pointedly, how can Mr. Lee critique something he haven't seen? That's like the LA Times movie critic giving Boyz In The Hood a bad rating to manipulate the black community to not follow a movie about black life in the hood from a fresh black perspective. Now John Singleton actually created stars with his factual portrayal on life is South Los Angeles. I know because I live here! Cuba Gooding Jr., Regina King, Morse Chestnut, Ice Cube, Mr. Fishburne, etc. have all benefitted great from their roles in Boyz. Although I know the star of Mr. Lee's movies, not many have gone on to have comparable acting careers as those I have named from Boyz, and that's just one example. Denzel's star was already rising, so if that's all you have save that for those who don't know. Yes! Ignorance is a disease and it reveals itself far too often. I prescribe aspirin for that. Take two and let us know how that worked out for you.

    • B Renea ThereisnonelikeJehovah

      ask spike why they are so damn critical. This a f#$%^&* movie

    • Nosa Ellis Akhionbare You are right, ignorance is a disease and you've obviously contracted it. What makes Spike an expert on Movies and Quentin not? If I'm not mistaken, they are both write and direct movies… Quentin just seems to be more successful at it, that would conflict with your notion that he is an expert… Seeing as no one saw that movie Red Hook Summer, and Django grossed 15 million the opening weekend…

    • Spike is mad because someone else in taking a chunk out of his world AND, yes HE SHOULD see the movie before the levies critizm. But, he's spike Lee! He think he got it like that! One's first amendment right to freedom of speech does carry responsibility and people should be responsible and intelligent for what comes out of their mouths. Did I say responsible????

    • Mr Brunson, sounds like another house nigger? :(

    • Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

      So Nosa, that gives Spike the right to tear down the work of people whose road he opened for them?