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Spike Lee Blasts “Django Unchained” Says He Will Boycott The Film

tarantinosplit-webBy: Victor “Doc V” Trammell

Director Spike Lee is known not to bite his tongue. The outspoken 55-year-old film maker has levied his criticism against Tyler Perry for what he calls stereotypical film making on Perry’s part. Lee is known for producing and directing films that make you think. The riveting “Malcolm X” (starring Denzel Washington) gave a great cinematic look into one of America’s greatest civil rights leaders.

According to the New York Post, Spike Lee has chosen a new film maker to level his analytical critique against; Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino’s new film, “Django Unchained” hit theatres tomorrow. However, Lee insists that he won’t be standing in line to see a movie that he deems to be derogatory of slavery. Spike took to Twitter to express his distaste for the film. He wrote:

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