Tagg Romney Says Mitt Never Wanted to be President of the United States

Mitt Romney's eldest son Tagg Romney claims his father never wanted to be President of the United States.

As you prepare to engage in those annual family holiday debates, here’s one you’ll really enjoy: According to a story published on BostonGlobe.com, Tagg Romney said his dad wasn’t interested in winning the presidential campaign.

He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire to . . . run,” said Tagg — who worked with his mother to persuade Mitt to run for President of the United States. “If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside. He is a very private person who loves his family deeply and wants to be with them, but he has deep faith in God and he loves his country, but he doesn’t love the attention.”

Have politics in America become so convoluted by egomaniacs that the chance for presidency is based upon whose ego, bank account, and clout are larger than everyone else’s?  Days following Romney’s defeat, members of his campaign team claimed the presidential candidate was “shellshocked” and his wife was so distraught that she couldn’t stop crying. When photos of a scraggly Romney  surfaced on the web weeks after the election, many assumed he was still heartbroken from his defeat. The person who snapped the photo of the presidential candidate pumping his gas wrote: “Mitt Romney at my local gas station.. he looks tired and washed up. I talked to him for a good three minutes while he was filling his tank. I guess he’s moving to on of his houses in the town I live in, La Jolla.”

Do you believe Romney did not want to win the presidential election?

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  3. nonsence.lying virus is eating deeply into Mittens family very badly.was it not this Tagg of a rif-raf who wanted to swing at the POTUS because POTUS told Romney that all what he is telling Americans are all lies? when Tagg told Bill Lumaye that he would have gone on the stage to swing at the President because he called his father a liar. was it not because they badly needed the WH? this is not the first time "calamity" Romney has campaigned for the white house.he did so in 2008 republican primaries and he was eliminated.2012 he reached nomination level and loss to Obama in election day with high hopes of winning.till now Ann is still crying , Romney shellshocked, washed, tired and finito , the whole family's hope of living in the WH dashed away and wallopped for this memorable defeat Obama inflicted on them.so if Romney didn't want the WH why did he even venture to spend hundreds of million on campaigns? Tagg is a very big fool like his father.these are people with 2 mouths.they lie with one and defend the lie with another mouth. what makes me go berserk is the fact that they will not sit quiet to nurse the wounds of the defeat.Tagg and his father need medics to treat them from the lying virus(ROMNASIA) that has infected the family.they have many horses , they just go and be riding them in lieu of making wishy washy statements in the media.i hope they will live to remember Obama.just the mention of the name Obama makes them forget the road to their houses.

  4. Old Mitt did not want to run for president because he knew that the world was going to end on 12/21/12. That would have made his presidency a very short one. Ha Ha Ha.

  5. That has to be the most pathetic lying excuse I have heard in a long time. He spent two election cycles trying to pursue this. He lied and weaseled his way around ever corners. And now after all of that, he really didn’t want it? That would be like Richard Nixon telling everyone he did not want to be President after he lost. Nixon came back and accomplished his goal. But this will be the last word for lying Slick Willard Romney and his silly family. That family has had a public smelt down.

  6. I guess I have to believe Mr. Romney, because every thing that comes out of their mouth is a LIE, so what is new?. We lie about everything.If we ever tell the truth the world would really come to an END. Politics is based on who can tell the best lies, amd gert away with it. In this case Obama, lies sound more believable, and since he had four years experience at lying he sound more believable.Anyway you look at it, all politicians are liers and criminals.

  7. Sure, Mitt didn’t want to be President. That’s why this mofo spent the last 6 years running for it. Give me a f-ing break…

  8. Romney never wanting to be president reminds me of the tale about the fox and the grapes.

  9. That’ horse sh*t. He wanted more than anyone else. He wanted more because he is use to getting his way in general!

  10. Tagg the hag is lying through his teeth. Mitt sleep and ate the desire of becoming President. He was shamed in his lost that’s why it took him so long to concede.

  11. Mitt Romney wanted to be President of the United States more than anything else in the world. He might even have thought that he deserved it. It’s a pitiful lie that Romney didn’t want to be president. Get over it, already!

  12. Double bull..He did not want to lose to a black man and next you got Mexicans just around the corner..

  13. I have no way of knowing TAGG made this statement. I do know Tagg was quoted saying he wanted to punch the president for calling his dad a liar. His dad is a liar by habit and all of AMERICA witness so why would he want to just punch the president, and take a chance on getting his ass kicked from so many directions one being the president,who may know how to kick ass without secret service. WITH that said, ROMNEY ran for the nomination in '08, he actually bullied his way into the nomination winning circle, he wanted to win and that stand to reason. He is extremely wealthy and the only thing he can't by is the PRESIDENCY if he could President Obama would not have been re-elected. My answer is hell yes he wanted to win and Tagg and all the other ROMNEY are extremely disappointed,we real AMERICAN are not headed for racial set back,because we are apart of the 47% his dad wanted to ignore…peace

  14. Oh lord, this is so much bullshit, that I need a shovel just to get started addressing this! So, what Tagg wants us to believe is that they spent over 300 million dollars on a campaign that he'd rather not run. Really? If you believe that one then I have some prime land in the Artic that you'd be interested in. This is just the ultimate in post election sour grapes! Like a child who is told he can't play outside today, he stamps off pouting and claiming that he didn't want to go out and play with his friends anyway. Yeah, right!

  15. Tagg is a damn liar just like his dad and mom you can see the anger on their face when romney lost.

  16. H_ll no! Do you know of anybody, allegedly other than his son and wife, who asked him to run? If my memory serves me right not even the Republican establishment, if there is such a thing now, did not want him….

    • The GOP didn't want him because he is too inconsistent to be credible. They hammered that during the primaries and the first time he ran but 48% of voters didn't care about things like facts. He almost won.

  17. Bullshit! They spent how much money running? for someone to run as a fiscal conservative and to blatantly waste so much money is unfathomable. http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/campaign-finance/independent-expenditures/totals

    • Why would he spend six or seven years chasing after an office that he really didn't want, not even counting the millions of dollars he and his Superpacs spent trying to win the Presidency. Talk about a sore loser. Why doesn't Tagg, the rest of his brothers and Mitt and his wife go on a long vacation somewhere, and leave the rest of us alone.