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Firefighters Shot and Killed While Responding to an Emergency


Police are not sure what was going on during a fire in upstate New York, where at least two firefighters have been killed while responding to an emergency call.  In addition to the two who were killed, two others have been injured, according to police.

The incident took place in Webster, New York and authorities are baffled. After the firefighters got out of their vehicles, two shooters aimed at them.

“We have different individuals that were possible people with knowledge, but at this point I can’t really comment,” Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn told reporters.

The fire was left to burn since the other firefighters were forced to leave the area.  Police SWAT teams had to evacuate homes as well.

“It’s still an active crime scene,” a spokesperson said. “We have firefighters there at the location. It took a while to make it safe … to put out the fires.”

It is not clear whether there are any suspects in this shooting.


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