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Emory University Students Apologize For Racist TV Segment About Lynching and Cross Burning

If there’s one rule thumb which could expedite racial healing in America, it’s that slavery and oppression are never funny. That rule dooley_show would’ve prevented a student anchor at Emory University from putting his foot in his mouth and embarrassing his university.

The student anchor on the Dooley Show, a student run news show at  Emory University, found himself in hot water after making an affirmative action joke.

In a recent Dooley Show segment, the anchors joked about the Supreme Court putting an end to affirmative action.

“It’s up to you to find those kids who shouldn’t be here.” said the student anchor, John Roofeh.

Roofeh also said “proven methods here at The Dooley Show include lynching and cross burning.”

The Dooley Show later released a statement addressing the comments .

“We at The Dooley Show would like to apologize for the Supreme Court segment that has recently caused so much hurt, pain and anger within the Emory Community. We also would like to apologize for the delay in releasing this apology to the student body and Emory community, as this is something we wanted to get right and ensure was done sincerely and thoughtfully.”

“The referred-to segment was poorly written and in poor taste, which we fully recognize at The Dooley Show. Including it in the second episode was a mistake born of ignorance and poor judgment. It was not intended to hurt or personally attack any person, student or individual.”

“We are students as well, learning from this and our mistake, and want to express how much we have learned and taken from this whole experience. Again, we apologize sincerely and want to communicate how much we have learned from our actions.”

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