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Atlanta Mega-Church Pastor Wiley Jackson Indicted For Securities Fraud

It seems that “Bishop” Eddie Lee Long isn’t the only Georgia pastor making headlines for engaging in questionable activities. Mega-wiley jacksonchurch pastor Wiley Jackson and his brother, Rodney Jackson,  have both been charged with securities fraud.

On Thursday a Dekalb County grand jury indicted both men for defrauding parishioners with an investment scheme.

Some accusers told Atlanta local news affiliates that Wiley Jackson promised the scheme would earn investors $100,000.

CBS Atlanta reports:

 According to DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James, the leader of Gospel Tabernacle Church recruited members to buy shares in an unregistered company called Genesis, LLC.  James said neither brother was licensed by the state to sell securities. 

“Some people lost a lot of money,” said James.

The alleged scheme began over a decade ago. Since then, many people have come forward, accusing Jackson of bilking them out of thousands of dollars.

One such person, Abbey Shanks, says she lost $10,000 in Wiley’s investment scheme when she invested back in 2002. Shanks is listed in the indictment, as are  two other investors, Jo-Lynn Gilliam and Sharon Stone.

Over the past 10 years, it is alleged that dozens of people invested in the Jackson brothers’ investment company.

If convicted, the good pastor and his brother could face up to 10 years in jail for each fraud conviction.

Robert James warned people to be careful when investing money with so-called pastors or spiritual leaders.

“It’s a dangerous thing when you mix religion and investing,” said James.




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