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Serena Williams Defends Caroline Wozniacki, Offends African Americans

In an email to USA Today, Serena Williams defended the actions of Caroline Wozniacki, who stuffed her bra and buttocks to match Serena's physique.

Caroline Wozniacki

In an emailed statement sent to USA Today, Serena Williams defended the actions of her colleague, tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, for stuffing her bra and skirt to imitate Williams’ physique.

The tennis star wrote: “I know Caro and I would call her my friend and I don’t think she (meant) anything racist by it. I must add, if people feel this way, she should take reason and do something different next time.” While many people (African American and non-African Americans) referred to her statement as classy and elegant, there were some African Americans who were disappointed in Williams’ response to the imitation of her physique.

On, Otis Lockhart commented: “I have a great deal of respect for Serena….but if she really believes the dribble she just emailed, then my level of respect is starting to decline. That woman was not making fun of black women’s bodies, she was mocking one black woman…SERENA. Celebrities are too afraid to say what needs to be said, so not to tarnish their “all too, I’m so nice to everybody”image in the eye of the public. Wake up Serena, she’s not your friend!!! Friends don’t make fun of friends in public!!! That was pure racist!!!” Ms. Lou, another commenter, wrote: “Serena and her generation doesn’t even know when they’ve been insulted.”

When Your Black World writer Yvette Carnell published this article, asking: “Before jumping on the “that’s racist!” bandwagon, did  Wozniacki’s critics pause long enough to realize that impersonations are sort of a “thing” in tennis, that  Novak Djokovic  imitated rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, as well as women’s stars Williams and Sharapova?” She was heavily ridiculed by many Your Black World commenters. Olin Ross commented: “Yvette, As soon as you were drop out of your mother womb she must have place you under a rock…You must have just crawl out from under that rock….
Or you are just plain dumb and stupid….or you are a victim of all of the above…….Believe me Serena will slice and dice this white girl. Here this flat ass and small breasts white trash trying to make fun of a fine fine Black talented lady…..I know we wish like hell she had Serena assets….She better not let her husband or boy friend come around Serena……….

Do you agree with Serena Williams and Yvette Carnell?

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