Reporter Wakes Up People Who Camped Out in Frigid Cold For New Air Jordans

If the most recent release is any indication, the Air Jordan phenomenon is still going strong. Air Jordan enthusiasts are still sacrificing Jordans 2their nights and comfort to brave the cold weather to wait in line for the shoe.

One Houston reporter woke up some of the tennis shoe enthusiasts to ask them what was so special about these Air Jordans.

KHOU reports:

KHOU 11 News woke up some of the campers outside Active Athlete on Murphy Road just off the Southwest Freeway early Friday morning.

The shoppers said they were waiting for the new Air Jordan 11 “Bred” retro sneakers. The price, however, is not so retro: $185.

The first person in line at the southwest Houston store said he first got there around 4 p.m. Wednesday.

One of the young men interviewed said he grew up with the shoes and that makes them special to him. In addition to people who were camped outside the store, there were also people sleeping in their cars who were waiting for the shoe store to open.

Thankfully, the people camped out for the shoes were calm, much unlike the melees we’ve witnessed in the past. Last year’s release of Air Jordans resulted in a mother getting arrested for leaving her child in the car to wait in line, and there were numerous scuffles. In addition, a woman’s face was slashed and a man was beaten and robbed. 


The release of the $220 Galaxy Nike resulted in police dispersing crowd control. 


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  2. Black people really? U cant be serious. Im sure the majority of those waiting in line, could find better ways to spend $185. Please stop embarrassing yourselves. Have u noticed that absolutely NOONE of any serious financial means is waiting in line with u? Charles Barkley has stated on several occasions that Micheal Jordan is cheap, he wud'nt buy those shoes.Why do u insist on making him and Nike more rich? Again, wake up Black people….

  3. All of that for a sneaker that will be out of style within 6 months? Those people are sick!

  4. Who are these dysfunctional people? Wait in line to spend your money on a shoe? I bet you a whole bunch of them would not spend as much time towards their education or building wealth. My people, my people. This is how you become the permanent underclass. This right here. smdh

  5. Just like Spike Lee’s main theme in the movie ” Do right thing ” … WAKE UP !!!!! We need to get out of the ” Ghetto-nomics ” and get our priorities in order.

  6. this is a damn shame two people was shot in the head for their shoes after they left the store. I wonder would these killers would have stood in a line for a job.