Katt Williams Detained at Subway Restaurant While Waiting For Suge Knight to Get Manicure

You know how we know Katt Williams isn’t thinking clearly? No, it’s not the dozen or so “odd” incidents he’s been involved with over theKatt williams 3 last few months. It’s how he’s hangin’ tough with Suge Knight all over a sudden.

TMZ is reporting that police were called to a Subway restaurant because Katt Williams was involved in some sort of  “disturbance”.  Katt says he didn’t do anything wrong.

What was the comedian doing at the restaurant?

He was waiting in front of the restaurant while his new friend, Suge Knight, got a manicure at local nail salon.

Police arrived on the scene of the restaurant and confronted Katt.

Katt was detained and cited for the minor offense of parking too close to a fire hydrant. Suge Knight was ticketed for numerous traffic warrants.

Police put Katt in the back of the police car and TMZ caught Katt smiling for the cameras while cuffed in the squad care. Policy conducted a short investigation, then allowed Katt to leave the scene.

A Subway employee brought both Suge and Katt sandwiches after the incident was over. The employee also said he never saw Katt involved in any sort of disturbance.

Although Katt has been involved in a number of disturbances, including allegedly getting into bar fights in both Oakland and Seattle, it appears that this incident wasn’t Katt’s fault.



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  1. Too Much people, Think about it, if you were detained because you were parked at Subway, put in the police car, searched, and ticketed. All these incidents are to smear his character.

  2. Damn is he suga nites Bitch now. Katt I use to really aenhiy u but Lately dude u Need sum Rehab fa realllzzzz. Get Help

  3. The struggle is real….seems as if something is not right about the this picture….Katt b strong brother….chill …someone is out to get u! Get out of thr spot light…chill become a part of the REVELATION FOR REVOLUTION OF ELEVATION….YOU INSPIRED THAT. U SAID WE NEEDED A LEADER….U WERE RIGHT & E/THING is in motion….ALL HUMANITY

  4. We are watching a head on train wreck.

  5. Katt needs to take his ass home and sit down !!!! He's doin too much….

  6. Will they leave this man alone….zheesh.. im sure somethings he does are out of control as evidenced by video footage, but I think some of this is just harassment because of who he is.

  7. Everything he's seen & had 2 do being a illuminati is driving him crazy

  8. Lakema Ubq Pro Robinson

    It is clear the man need help. Stop talking about him and start praying for him he has great talent it should not go to waist.

  9. Were they cited for buying a Sub while being Black? Dayum.

  10. Instead of talking about him, we all should be praying for him

  11. Like really? Leave him alone! #d-zamm