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President Obama Embarrasses His Daughters by Dancing Gangnam Style


The president says that he loves the Gangnam Style video by the rapper PSY.  He also surprised the interviewers at People Magazine by telling them that he even does the dance in order to embarrass his daughters, Sasha and Malia.

“They’re cooler than I am. There are things I like that they think are cheesy, like Gangnam Style. I love that,” he said.

Mrs. Obama says that her husband really can’t dance and that she doesn’t want him dancing in public or for the cameras, at least not unplanned.   The president also said that he has concerns about his daughters going out on dates.  He even joked about getting Secret Service agents to keep his daughter Malia from dating.  President Obama admits that he feels his daughters will make good relationship decisions and have good examples to utilize when making choices.

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