Katt Williams Says He Slapped Target Employee for Calling Him the N-Word


If this were coming from anyone other than Katt Williams, it might actually be credible.  Katt says that the reason he went off and slapped a Target employee is because the employee felt it necessary to refer to him with one of the ugliest words you could ever call a black person.   But to be fair to Katt, we’ll tell you what he told TMZ.

Katt says that the man referred to Katt with the N-word, saying “Your assistant is already suing you, you p**sy ass n***er.”

The clerk was allegedly making reference to a $5 million dollar lawsuit being filed against Katt by a former assistant who says that he punched her.  This is just one of many pending lawsuits resulting from Katt’s odd behavior over the years.

Katt says that his response was, “Did you just say the n-word in front of Katt Williams?”

Katt says that the employee simply told him, “You say it all the time.”

Katt then dared the guy to say it again, which he did.  That’s when the pimp slap took place, according to Katt’s version of events.

“That’s the same sh*t that drove [Chappelle] out of the f***ing business,” Katt said.

The employee, Forrest Liebenberg, was fired from Target shortly after the incident.

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  1. he ain't really crazy…Its his job. And jobs are hard as hell to come by these days!

  2. lmao… Jesus Bless you Katt.


  4. They talk that shit , Katt just showed him that he is a hoe not a man . Bitch you let another man slap you like you were one of his hoes , maybe he needs to put you on the streets, you damn sure not a man. If you were in prison what you think would have happened to you, you would have been a prison bitch .

  5. the employee got what he deserved…

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