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Fantasia Thankful Brother Is Alive; He was Robbed at Gunpoint

Fantasia-TeenyWe all know Fantasia from her amazing American Idol journey and then consequent musical success, as well as her true story which was told in a lifetime movie. Thanks to Fantasia’s reality show, “Fantasia For Real,” we also know several members of her family including her brother, Teeny.

Just recently Fantasia posted a message on instagram sharing that her brother, Teeny, had been robbed and what made it even more scary was that he was robbed at gun-point.

The instagram post said,

“Someone tried to hurt my brother last night. They robbed him and held him at gunpoint. God had to be watching over him. Grace and Mercy. Why people feel they can take from someone? I don’t know!! But those who live by the sword will die by the sword. I love you big bro and yes it seems like a set up and those who did this will get what’s coming to you”

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