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Cassidy Gets Trojan Condom Endorsement Deal and the Last Laugh


Cassidy made a track over Psy’s monster hit “Gangnam Style” encouraging dudes to “stroke em condom style”.  Immediately after releasing the song, frienemy, Meek Mill, clowned the song on twitter as the worst song in rap history.  Days later it looks like Cassidy is the one who gets the last laugh as Trojan has signed Cassidy to an endorsement deal based on the song “Condom Style”.  File sharing site Hulkshare co-signed the news & even went as far to say it’s a seven-figure deal with Trojan.  Wooooooowww  !!  Seven figures !!!!  Nice come up for “the worst song in the history of rap” !!!

Looks like Cassidy is winning by going against the grain of what is “popular” these days.  I applaud Cassidy for stepping out of the box by putting out a much needed message of protected sex as well as standing firm on his own beliefs.

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