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Barber Shop Discussion Over School Shooting Ends in Gunfire

A Missouri  barber shop customer who shot at another patron during a discussion over the Sandy Hook killings has been arrested by Lester Davispolice.

Lester Davis, 57,  has been charged with first-degree assault and  armed criminal action and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The dispute allegedly took place at All Cuts Barber Shop on Tuesday when five or so patrons at the barber shop were discussing the Sandy Hook massacre. One of the people said during the discussion that the incident “makes me want to murder the suspect.”

For some curious reason, Davis took that comment as a threat directed at him, and snapped, saying, “You want to murder me?” then walked outside and retrieved a loaded Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol. He fired three times in the customer’s direction, police said.

Davis then said, “I’ll let you slide,” left the barber shop, and went home.

Davis later turned himself in to police.

The St. Louis Dispatch reports  :

According to court records, Davis is a felon, convicted of second-degree homicide and unlawful possession of a weapon in Middlesex County, N.J., in 1975. Records further state he has been involved in numerous verbal altercations with neighbors, resulting in an order of protection being issued against him.

Davis later told police that the gun he fired at the barber shop belongs to his wife. No information was shared as to why Davis thought the comment about the suspect in the Sandy Hook shooting was directed at him.

Bail for Davis has been set at $400,000.

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