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Report: Sandy Hook Gunman Snapped Due to Fear of Being Committed

The gunman who slaughtered twenty kids and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary reportedly snapped because his mother was adam lanzaplanning to commit him to a psychiatric institution, according to a family member.

Adam Lanza, 20, put four bullets into his mother and then headed to Sandy Hook Elementary to begin yet another slaughter, and a friend who grew up not far from Lanza says Lanza believed his mother “loved the school” more than she loved him.

“From what I’ve been told, Adam was aware of her petitioning the court for conservatorship and (her) plans to have him committed,” the friend told “Adam was apparently very upset about this. He thought she just wanted to send him away. From what I understand, he was really, really angry. I think this could have been it, what set him off.”

A law enforcement official confirmed that Lanza’s anger toward his mother was possibly over “his future mental health treatment.”

Nancy Lanza had reportedly begun filing paperwork to get conservatorship over her disturbed son, but that could not be confirmed. This would have given Lanza’s mother the legal right to commit him to a psychiatric hospital.

Adam Lanza reportedly attended Sandy Hook Elementary and Nancy Lanza volunteered there for several years. Authorities say they believe Nancy Lanza had been recently been volunteering with kindergarteners at the school.

“Adam Lanza believed she cared more for the children than she did for him, and the reason he probably thought this [was the fact that] she was petitioning for conservatorship and wanted to have him committed,”  a friend said. “I could understand how he might perceive that—that his mom loved him less than she loved the kids, loved the school. But she did love him. But he was a troubled kid and she probably just couldn’t take care of him by herself anymore.”


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