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Barack Obama Selected as Time Magazine Person of the Year

obama-timePresident Barack Obama has been selected as the Time Magazine Person of the Year. We agree with this decision.  He won the election that everyone was talking about, he is the leader of the free world, he’s the first black president, and he has changed our economic system forever.  He also authorizes the use of drones that have killed innocents around the world, has been in the middle of the greatest racial divisions since the civil war and overhauled the United States healthcare system in a way that countless other politicians could not.  It’s hard not to choose President Obama as person of the Year, but this selection is not always a good or bad thing necessarily: 

Twenty-seven years after driving from New York City to Chicago in a $2,000 Honda Civic for a job that probably wouldn’t amount to much, Barack Obama, in better shape but with grayer hair, stood in the presidential suite on the top floor of the Fairmont Millennium Park hotel as flat screens announced his re-election as President of the United States. The networks called Ohio earlier than predicted, so his aides had to hightail it down the hall to join his family and friends. They encountered a room of high fives and fist pumps, hugs and relief.

The final days of any campaign can alter the psyches of even the most experienced political pros. At some point, there is nothing to do but wait. Members of Obama’s team responded in the only rational way available to them — by acting irrationally. They turned neckties into magic charms and facial hair into a talisman and compulsively repeated past behaviors so as not to jinx what seemed to be working. In Boca Raton, Fla., before the last debate, they dispatched advance staff to find a greasy-spoon diner because they had eaten at a similar joint before the second debate, on New York’s Long Island. They sent senior strategist David Axelrod a photograph of the tie he had to find to wear on election night: the same one he wore in 2008. Several staffers on Air Force One stopped shaving, like big-league hitters in the playoffs. Even the President succumbed, playing basketball on Election Day at the same court he played on before winning in 2008.

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