Tea Party Group Claims George Zimmerman Would’ve Stopped Sandy Hook Killer

Had murderer George Zimmerman been at Sandy Hook Elementary School at the time of the massacre, no children would have died, Zimmerman enters courtaccording to a Tea Party group.

In a statement mailed to members of the Tea Party Nation, the group had this to say:

Support the creation of local organizations to act as ‘neighborhood watch’ for schools. Had George Zimmerman been at the front door instead of some mechanical card reader those children would still be alive.

Only in the minds of Tea Partiers is the killer of a 17 year old unarmed black teen considered a hero. George Zimmerman didn’t save anyone from anything. And although no one knows exactly what happened that night, we do know that Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin and, eventually, put a bullet through the young teen’s chest.

In the Tea Party’s rush to say something stupid, it forgot that George Zimmerman also profiled Trayvon Martin because he was black. Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was white. It is certainly true that George Zimmerman, had he been present,  may’ve killed the Sandy Hook killer, but only if he  had he been black. But at the sight of a white man at the door, or window, Zimmerman’s reaction probably would’ve been to rush and open it.

And herein lies part of the problem with America. People like Zimmerman are in such a rush to profile black teens, many of whom are unarmed, that they miss actual threats like Adam Lanza.

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  1. Very shallow bigoted people.

  2. That coward would have been gunned down in the back from running away. He has the balls to shoot a UNARMED TEENAGER but against an armed adult he would have tucked tail like the coward he truly is

  3. Yeah, that's why he is making up all types of claims that everything that happen was either all an "accident" or hasn't his fault. A man who would defend his property or loved ones doesn't stands up to his actions. He is a coward, like most untrained folk who walk around with a gun.

  4. Donna Lusciousdc Sayles-Corbin

    These are the people shooting up malls, schools, etc.. How can you take ANYONE that supports the gunning down of a unarmed teen seriously? These people have made some stupid comments in the past, but this one takes the cake!

  5. Being faced with a armed and crazed gunman carrying a bushmasteran two fully loaded automatic hand guns is not the same as coming face to face with a kid carrying a bag of skiddles and ice tea. Zemmerman's presence would have only increased the count to 27 because the bitch that was in him when he killed an unarmed kid would have certainly came out if he had came face to face with this killer: "please don't kill me," he would have pleaded, the bitch fothermucker!

  6. Ridiculous! I venture to say that members of the Black Panther Party would have stopped them, too. How ridiculous!

  7. Robert N Delann Williams

    The Teabaggers is a bunch of racist pricks. In time the Teabaggers are disassembling slowly but surely.

  8. ridiculous! Members of the Black Panther Party would have stopped them, too.