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Jamaican Boaters Stranded 3 Weeks, Rescued by Cruise Ship

boatersFive men from Jamaica had been on a small boat for three weeks, just drifting, hoping to be rescued.   On Monday, a cruise ship saved the men, who’d been through a nightmare unlike anything we might be able to imagine.

The Island Princess brought the men on-board, according to Princess Cruises spokeswoman Susanne Ferrull. The ship was on its way to Jamaica and found the men en route.

The men were on their way to a barbecue and ran out of gas.   Cruise workers told the men that they couldn’t give them fuel as they requested, but they did bring them aboard and notify Jamaican authorities.

“We noticed the boat slowing down,” said passenger Andy Greenberg of Omaha, Neb. “We pulled up and the occupants were screaming: ‘No food, no water.'”

This is not the worst such tragedy in recent months.   Earlier this year, a man was stranded at sea for four months before being saved.  His brother-in-law died from dehydration, and the man says that the only thing that saved him was a shark bumping against his boat and waking him up.  That allowed him to see some nearby fishermen.

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