Blogger Who Broadcast Standoff With Police Being Denied Visitors and Bail, According to Family

Remember the Baltimore blogger, James MacArthur,  who took to social media to  live broadcast his standoff with police? The man’s James-MacArthurfamily now says he is still in central booking and being denied bail and visitors, many believe as retaliation for his live broadcast.

When police came to MacArthur’s  home to execute a warrant for his arrest, MacArthur took to social media to broadcast the event.  According to MacArthur, he was “surrounded by a bunch of men with guns” and told officers “this is the craziest thing I ever experienced in my life.”

Police said they had a warrant for 47-year-old MacArthur which  had been issued in June for a probation violation stemming from a 2009 gun case. MacArthur missed his court date and police arrived at his home around 6 p.m. Saturday to take him in, according to officer Lt. Col. Garnell Green.

MacArthur posted updates on  The Baltimore Spectator website, and remained in his basement until he was assured that he would not be harmed and would be treated fairly.

Now MacArthur’s sister has contacted the  Voice of Baltimore to express concern for her brother’s condition:

In an email to Voice of Baltimore, his sister, who is a legislative analyst for the Montgomery County Council, expressed concern that “no one has been able to see him yet, not even Jill Carter,” his attorney.

Last week, Carter — a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, representing the state’s 41st Legislative District — filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus after MacArthur was denied bail, despite having never been charged with a violent offense.

“Even accused murderers get out on bail,” noted one courthouse observer. MacArthur won’t have another hearing until January.

Before he was arrested, MacArthur kept Baltimore’s SWAT team at bay for 5 hours, and family and friends believe the police are exacting revenge for that embarrassment.


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  1. He's lumped up is what I think…they stalling to let scars form so they can deny any wrong doing…COs call it "scar time"..

  2. They should charge him for the cost of bringing SWAT out so he could play his stupid games. Blogger? Right. He is a stupid azz criminal who decided he didnt need to show up for court. Now look at him. Stuck in jail and hopefully on the hook to pay for the visit from SWAT.

  3. They prolly beat him bad and can't let people see him.