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Woman’s Boyfriend Hid Crack in her Attic: She Got Life in Prison Without Parole

If you don’t think that the War on Drugs has had a terrible impact on American families, you only need to look at the case of Stephanie George.  If your boyfriend is a dope dealer and he hides his crack in your attic without your knowledge, you would expect that the courts would understand.  But even though the judge in Stephanie’s case agreed that she had nothing to do with her boyfriend’s activities, he still took this mother of three away from her kids for the remainder of her natural life.  She was 27 years old at the time.

Even conservatives are starting to admit that mass incarceration is hurting America.  They are saying that it turns non-violent offenders into dangers to society, and it increases the number of criminals because 1 out of very 15 black children has a parent in the penitentiary.   

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