Wife Tells Police Husband is Planning to Blow Up Plane to Keep Him From Going to Paris

Some women will do anything to keep a man, and sometimes that includes telling lies which involve both the police and Homeland Security.wife calls police

An unhinged New Jersey woman had authorities out in force at Newark Airport on Saturday after accusing her husband of plotting to blow up a plane. But there was no bomb or plot, just a woman who didn’t want her husband flying to Paris without her.

Eunice Ukaegbu, 50, called police to report her husband, Okieze Ukaegbu, 58, because they’d just had a fight and she didn’t want her husband leaving the country without her.

“It looks like that marriage went up in flames,” a law-enforcement official said.

Eunice allegedly told cops that her husband was planning to blow up the Delta flight to Paris he was scheduled to be on.

“He told me he was going to blow up the airplane,” she told The New York Post. “I went through his suitcase — and I panicked.”

She said it was her duty to rat him out.

“I did what an honest citizen would do,” she said.

Eunice said she was worried because her husband had become distant, so she tried to search his suitcase, and when she couldn’t get it open, she called police.

“He is a little secretive,” Eunice said.

When the cops arrived at Eunice’s house, her husband had already left for the airport, but their daughter called to alert her father that the police were going to intercept him at the airport.

Okieze waited at the gate until police arrived, then told them that his wife has “an alcohol problem.”

Even though he’d already passed through security, police took him into custody.

Police have released Okieze and now plan to charge his wife.


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  2. Going out of the country without your wife and child is a family affair. Falsely reporting that a Black man is going to blow up a plane, is a crime. Who knows how Homeland Security would have handled arresting a Dangerous Black man intending to blow up a Airplane. There needs to be some consequences media coverage to keep others from making false reports.

  3. Sorry ladies, that is not love…

    We call that HATE…

    Trying to teach him a lesson you should be teaching your children, not a grown man…

    She cost him money as he had to pay for that missed flight…and now she has to spend money defending herself in a court of law…

    The sad part is that as usual, the Black woman ran to the White man to falsely accuse a Balck of a crime that these whites are trying to their best to make officer of the year…

    Sad…where’s the love and respect…

  4. She should be charged. No one can control the comings or goings of a free person. Now he'll go to Paris and take his girlfriend and not have to worry about his wife because she'll be rightfully serving time. Can we say Divorce Court'.

  5. She is a married, preventive and madly in love woman. No matter how tough, men should never fly away from home matters. Nop, afroman, get back home and face your own shit. Btw i live in Paris. It stinks too!

  6. W@W! I hope this doesn't set off a pattern… by either to ignoring "the threat" or to over-react to every tip without performing due diligence.

  7. Wut some people won't do. Now wifey goes to jail & hubby still goes to Paris w/o her cray azz. Get this woman some therapy. She has abandonment issues obviously. Smh!