NFL Star Ray Lewis Child Support Drama: Mother Hires Investigator to Find Hidden Money

ray-lewisThere is an old saying that is prominent in hip hop: “More money, more problems.”  No one knows this statement better than NFL superstar Ray Lewis.

Lewis has been fighting with the mother of his child to stop her from from digging deeper into his bank account.   Sharnika Kelly feels that Ray is hiding his money in order to keep the courts from taking it.  The woman even went to the trouble of hiring a forensic investigator to dig deeply into his finances.

Kelly is asking the court to dismiss the original child support agreement that she signed back in 2001 because she says that Ray never told the court exactly how much money he actually makes.  She is only getting $3500 per month, which does seem like a pittance relative to the multimillion dollar salary that NFL players are given every year.

At the age of 37, Lewis doesn’t have many years left in the NFL, but did make nearly $5 million dollars last year.   Some of us might expect that a man bringing home over $400,000 per month before taxes could spend a little bit more to take care of his child. But Sharnika might also want to learn that Ray’s money is not her money and child support is not mean to give her a lavish lifestyle that she never earned herself.

Stop having kids out of wedlock.

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  1. I know Sharnika personally. We used to worked together at EEOC headquarters in DC. She is NOT a gold digger. This man been paying her $3500 a month for the last 10 years. That's $350k. That's half of 1 games salary for that dude. C'Mon son. I know Sharnika and she has done quite well for herself. We ALL thought all the shit she was able to buy was because HE was paying for it and that ain't the case. Hell I am talking to her on Facebook right now. This shit is cray. Dude needs his ass whooped.

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  3. If I got money like that, the first thing I would do is get custody of my kids and let them live like me, with me. If a bitch can't make it off 3500 a month sitting at home she need to stop doing meth or crack. Or close the legs from the dope boy wannabes. If that's all he doing though and nothing on his on accord along with that……. then cut the kid an extra trust fund check that only he can touch. Give the kid some under the table money Ray. Daddy Money!

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  6. Get married if you want to have children.

  7. Trust should be set for the kids mothers shoulda get all the money, plan a future for the kids.

  8. "Stop having kids out of wedlock" That was a cheap shot! What about Ray Lewis practicing safe sex?

  9. $3,500 IS SUFFICIENT enough to take care of her child…Child support and alimony is two different things…If she's looking for more than go back to school to further yourself…We as women have the power to keep our legs closed…I'm a women and even I can see she's just being greedy…

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