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How do you avoid becoming addicted to prescription drugs? Dr. Jennifer Caudle explains


In this transcribed interview, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with Dr. Jennifer Caudle about how to avoid becoming addicted to prescription drugs.   Millions of Americans are being impacted by the new drug dealers in the pharmaceutical industry, and it’s putting their lives at risk.  This quiet epidemic is one that you should be aware of, and you must also find ways to protect your family from the consequences of risky or uninformed choices.  The interview is below: 

Dr. Watkins:       Hi.  I’m Dr. Boyce Watkins from One of the things that we all have to worry about and think about is our health.  Many of you may have notice that throughout the country there is a trend of people who are becoming addicted to prescription drugs.  And, I know most of these people don’t start off saying that they want to be addicts, it just sort of happens.  I want to give you some information that will help you avoid some of those outcomes.  So, to discuss this issue, I want to bring in Dr. Jennifer Caudle.  She’s a family physician and a pretty smart lady.  She knows a lot about this stuff.

So I want to, first, welcome Dr. Caudle.  How are you doing today?

Dr. Caudle:         I’m good.  Thanks so much for having me.

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