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Q Tip Speaks Out Against Def Jams Signing of Coonish Rapper Trinidad James

If you’re a real hip-hop fan, you might be in mourning today.  If hip-hop wasn’t dead with the rise of bubble gum artists like Soulja Boy and Chief Keef, you have to feel horrible about the signing of the raper Trinidad James by Def Jam records.  Maybe there’s a place for men like Trinidad James, but that place is not in the world of traditional hip-hop.  Fortunately, some big name artists are speaking up against the buffoonery of James and his video, as well as his lack of lyrical ability.  Listening to this music is like listening to a first grader who never learned how to read.  Some might say that it’s pathetic.

Thankfully, Q-Tip also has a few things to say about this:

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