Psychologist Analyzes Connecticut Shooting as a Mother, Wife and Christian Woman


Dr. Christina Edmondson has very unique insights on the recent school shooting that took place in Colorado.  Dr. Edmondson has a PhD in Psychology, and she’s also a proud wife, mother and Christian woman.  Dr. Edmondson has a lot to say about what happened this week and how parents can cope with the fear and uncertainty that they might be feeling after such a horrific tragedy.

In the interview below, Dr. Edmondson shares her thoughts with Your Black World, and helps us to understand this matter from a psychological, parental and Christian point of view.  There is also the human perspective, which matters the most.


You can click here to hear what she has to say. 


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  2. I'm sorry, while I do sympathize with families and their loss, the black in me can't help feel that if this situation happened in a more urban city and most, if not all the students were black, there wouldn't be the same media coverage and national outrage. I am glad that it did not happen that way though.

  3. When one of Jesus's diciples's cut off the ear of a soldier and took up a sword to fight to defend Jesus, He healed the soldier and told the diciple that this was not the way. A sword then is the equal of a gun today. There are so many "Christians" today who have an arsenal in their homes and use the excuse that the guns are for protection. Way too many people are Christians are in name only, not in heart. A Christian does not need a gun. No matter how prominent a psychologist may be and how we as a society accept the word of our fellow man or woman the root of all evil is sin and since all of us are born with a sinful nature we are all capable of killing without the transforming of our heart and mind through the Holy Spirit.

  4. Christianity is a word that so many people use and it is a word…a word that can be used for whatever one wants it to be used for……Be more God like..this son of hers was mentally ill and she knew something was wrong but, so many people ignore family members because they do not understand. Most people would think it makes that family member appear to be dumb and they do not want association with dumb or what some people construe as crazy…it is what it is and if he needs help, get attention to situations of people that are close to you with symptons such as what people are not paying attention to. There is a possiblity that this may have been prevented. Why in the world would this mother have an assault weapon in her home along with other weapons when she knew she had a son that had symptons. Did she not see it..that there was ome anger going on. I am so sad to see this and I am in prayer that this mentally ill situation can be addressed.

  5. Interesting perception of the Connecticut shooting.

  6. Click where Dr. Boyce? Send us the link.