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Elementary School Shooting Reported in Connecticut, 20 Kids and 6 Adults Killed

Police are reporting that there has been a shooting at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Sandy Hook elementary

According to The Hartford Courant, shortly after 9:40 AM, one shooter was reported in the main office of the elementary school and one victim had numerous gunshot wounds.

Details have not been confirmed, but the Newtown Bee is reporting that a police officer carried a seriously wounded child from the building. (The Courant reported that the shooter dead).

USA reports:

Groups of students — some crying, some holding hands — were being escorted away from the school by their teachers. Some students were still in the school at 10:30 a.m., parents said.

CNN reports:

[Updated at 11:10 a.m. ET] Details are still really sketchy, but we now have a photo from the Newtown Bee of children being led from the scene.

[Updated at 11:03 a.m. ET] We’re still getting details in of how many people may have been hurt.

Chicago Tribune reports:

A dispatcher at the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps says a teacher has been shot in the foot and taken to Danbury Hospital.

State police sources said one shooter is dead. Earlier reports of a second shooter are unconfirmed. A person in one room had “numerous gunshot wounds,” police said.

There are reports of multiple injuries, but the only confirmed death is that of the suspected shooter. It is unclear whether the shooter was taken down by police or whether he took his own life. The entire area surrounding the school is currently on lockdown.

UPDATE: CBS News reports that one child has been confirmed dead. 

UPDATE: At least 20 killed, and at least 10 of those killed were children. 

UPDATE:  Reuters confirms that six adults and 20 kids were killed.

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