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Does God Want You to Be Rich?

By Rev. Jesse Herriott

On the front page of the religious section of is a section on the ever-so-popular, “Prosperity Gospel”, followed by several slideshows of people giving money to large churches. The slides range in captions from “woman gives money to large church”, all the way to “all-star line-up of individuals telling how they became rich by following the word of God.” The more likely scenario is that those who teach about becoming wealthy can attract followers that will help them become wealthy.

The idea of wealth, backed by marketing and hyper-materialism has a strong pull on many of our thought patterns. If you pay attention to any conversation about wealth, the notion of some strand of luck or “winning the lottery” will always pop-up. And to be honest, you have as much chance at winning the lottery as you would from becoming rich through giving an offering to your local church. But, that doesn’t take anything away from honest charitable giving. There are many churches and organizations that are doing good work in the community and having a huge impact on the world around them.

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