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Asa Lovechild: Rihanna Reaches Out To Fans In Open Letter

rihanna1Celebrities these days are really trying to make strides with their fans. More and more celebrities are opening up doors to more of their personal lives, taking to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms, making the fans feel as if they know each artists personally. Rihanna isn’t excluded. Recently, the “Unapologetic” superstar penned an open letter to her fans. In it, she thanked them for sticking by her.

 “Throughout 7 years and 7 albums, there has been so much to be happy about, many fun filled memories…,” she wrote. “As we continue this journey together, we’ll write new stories, share more laughs, meet new people, tell more stories, in faith, in hope and not take one moment for granted.”

“I look forward to embarking on this ride with you, unwilling to sacrifice what we believe in, taking our lessons and growing from them,” she added, before signing off, “Let our inspirations drive us, never steering from who we truly are… We are all unapologetic.”

This could be looked at as a very clever way of continuing to engage with her fans and stay fresh. Rih Rih, in the past couple of weeks, has been very vocal on Twitter and Instagram, posting risqué pictures of herself and of her time with Chris Brown. She has even took to the social networks, to send out subliminal messages that appear to be directed towards Brown, who is playing two women right now.

This letter is a positive breath of fresh air,considering.






Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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