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Holder: It’s Time That U.S. Consider Automatic Voter Registration

Efforts by Republicans to disenfranchise voters are making our electoral system one big mess. On election day, there were long lines at the polls and teams of attorneys poised to resolve disputed ballots. Now, Attorney General Holder is offering recommendations for how America might fix its elections.

Holder recommends automatically registering eligible voters and extending voting hours.

“It is important for national leaders, academic experts, and members of the public to engage in a frank, thorough and inclusive discussion about how our election systems can be made stronger and more accessible,” Holder said in prepared remarks.

 In his speech on election night, President Obama called for changes to elections.
Election 2012 was defined by changes made in states headed by GOP governors to disenfranchise democratic leaning voters. The fight was particularly contentious in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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