Rapper Big Boi Not Happy With President Obama: “I Ain’t On Nobody’s Team”

Rapper Big Boi raised a few eyebrows in an interview with Pitchfork media when he shared his dissatisfaction with President Obama’s performance. Additionally, Big Boi is not in favor of supporting any government official who does the bidding of others at the expense of the people.

The Grammy Award winning rapper was interviewed about his album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, but when it came to the subject of politics, Big Boi didn’t hold his tongue.

When asked about the single “Somethin’s Gotta Give”, on which singer Mary J. Blige added lines about cheering for Obama, Big Boi said he didn’t have a problem with it:

BIG BOI: I didn’t tell her to do that.

PITCHFORK: No? She just did it?

BB: On my damn record. I had a problem with it. I’m not pro-government at all, I’m pro-people.

Big Boi continued, saying,  “our freedoms are getting taken away every day with things that people aren’t aware of.” As evidence, Big Boi cited the National Defense Authorization Act which allows American citizens to be held indefinitely without trial.

“I don’t care who the president is — it ain’t just all about who’s black or who’s white or who’s Republican or Democrat, it’s about who is for the betterment of people, period,” the rapper continued.

 When asked if he had any thoughts about Obama’s first term, Big Boi took a negative stance.
“Nope. What did he do? They say he’s trying to clean up a mess, right? Well, he needs a big-ass broom, and he gotta keep on sweeping. I ain’t on nobody’s team, you feel me? I’m about the American people.”
Most rappers have thrown their support behind President Obama, but for Big Boi, it’s all about adherence to principles, not race or party.



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  1. Big Boi is totally right.He is a rapper.So what?Being a rapper does not entitle you obama kissassing fools to deny Big Boi his right to speak his mind.Obama is not only continuing but he has expanded the murderous racist imperialist actions of Bush Jnr.in Afrika via Africom,Afghanistan,the Caribbean etc.Yes obamaslaves,support his ‘law’ to imprison even US citizens indefinitely without trial…..any Afrikan head of state who did that would be condemned by you hypocrites.Support obama for murdering anyone in the world who he and his racist European cronies consider to be enemies of the U.S..

  2. I haven’t been feeling president Obama since he lied on 03/04/09. He can not get anything going but the automotive industry. SMDH, this economy is steadily declining, the housing market fell off a cliff, and there are no jobs, unless u know someone LOL. Its really sad watching all of this. We better put out trust in GOD, and not man…

  3. I don’t think President Obama is concerned one bit about what this Degenerate Maggot Filth Peddling Animal thinks. If I had my way I’d round him up along all the rest of these Maggot rappers and I’d execute them at sunrise. When are Blacks going to come into the realization that these Filth Peddling Animals are a detrement to our communities & our children. They should all be exterminated.


  4. Remind me when his new CD will be released so I can make sure I run out and get my copy.

  5. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 Let no one deceive you by any means;for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. And: 2 Thessalonians 8-12 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  6. It seems that any person who has an opinion other than those who throw their support behind this President 100%, is treated with such hatred from Obama’s ignorant supporters. Big Boi is speaking truth here.Concerning terrorism and Homeland Security, Obama supports many of the same policies that were supported and implemented by Bush, yet you same Black people called Bush one of the biggest racist of all times, but Obama gets a pass, because he’s half-Black. American Black folks are a confused lot.

  7. Come on people, its called the New World Order. Obama was the perfect trojan horse the 1% needed to complete their agenda…. And the dumb deaf and blind people ate it all up thinking it is all about race… the elite’s agenda is world depopulation, they do not care about race. The United States is a not a country, it is a corporation. Wake the fuck up, your #SSN is your employee ID. The shit is real…. http://www.SONYLEGEND.com Unplug from the matrix system now!!!



  8. Big Boi has a right to his opinion just as others—-and i think i’ts well put. Why can’t folk watch Basketball wives and WAKE UP to other things? there’s enough room in our brain to do both!!! PEACE! Entertainment releases some stress as long as it’s kept in prospective.

  9. I believe, that Big Boi was speaking his mind as he sees it. NONE OF US HAS THE RIGHT TO CONDEMN HIM FOR HIS OPINION. I agree with some of what he says and disagree with him also. I thought that as American Citizens we have the freedom of speech to say and think whatever it is. I don’t have to agree with anybody out there, but I have to give them the right to express themselves whether I agree or disagree. I don’t agree with the KKK and I actually hate the organization, but in this country they still have the right to free speech.

  10. Gj big boy! These step n fetch it negroes love lies. and only support Obama because white people approve of him. his father didnt serve slavery wih ours.

  11. i wonder why some people felt that when we got a black president automaticly things would change for black people remember there is a lot of us out there that hate ourself ….a lil something my mom use to say “don’t tell me about the bad times because when things were good you weren’t telling me” wake up people

  12. i wonder why some people felt that when we got a black president automaticly things would change for black people remember there is a lot of us out there that hate ourself ….a lil something my mom use to say “don’t tell me about the bad times because when things were good you weren’t telling me” wake up people

  13. i wonder why some people felt that when we got a black president automaticly things would change for black people remember there is a lot of us out there that hate ourself ….a lil something my mom use to say “don’t tell me about the bad times because when things were good you weren’t telling me” wake up people

  14. The REAL reason O’Drama launched his campaign at Lincoln’s monument is because Lincoln had a Black father, that was from Afrika, and his mother was a caucasoid!!!

    As you already are aware; O’Drama’s father was from Afrika, and his mother was a caucasoid…do the math.

    As far as our FORCED enslavement is concerned, Lincoln wanted the Blacks to go back to Afrika!!! And, if it were not for Sojourner Truth, the slaves would not have been ‘FREED’. He invited her to the Black House, and Truth DEMANDED that he free her people!!! This Truth can be found in the book The Six Black President [Black Blood/White Masks] by Auset BaKufu

    I’ll bet my life this is not shown in the movie by spielberg.

    Lincoln wore a hat the majority of the time because he hand KINKY hair, and he had a Black Haitian, who was his barber until he was killed. The caucasoid barbers did not want to cut it because they knew he had black blood flowing through his veins. By the way…he was killed because they (government) found out he was a mulatto, just like O’Drama!!!

    Like Elle said, we must do our OWN research, and stop beLIEving these LIES, the media (mindless evil devils in action) are showing on their tell-a-LIE-vision networks. OURstory will NEVER be shown when we once ruled the world!!!

    We taught the greeks and romans EVERYTHING when they went and were taught from the REAL teachers and professors…the Black Afrikan Kemetians at the FIRST university in the world, which was built in Kemet. The University of Timbuktu, which was the oldest university in the world!!!

    This is why those demonic devils did not want us to read during our enslavement because, they were afraid we would find out the Truth about our glorious past! WE WERE NOT BORN INTO SLAVERY!!! And, the Black Afrikan Olmecs were in amerikkka over 100,000 years ago, who OWNED land, and WERE NOT SLAVES!!!

    That boy columbo aka columbus, was LOST, and didn’t discover nothing!!!


  15. Big Boi is an ignorant fool!!! Keep your mouth shut!!!

  16. Big Boi is an ignorant fool!!! Keep your mouth shut!!!

  17. Big Boi is an ignorant fool!!! Keep your mouth shut!!!



  20. You know I'm sorry if any of you take offense to this but if you are on here offending big boi you need to get off the computer and do the research yourself and stop being uncaring following sheep. Okay, it's one thing if congress was on the opposing sides of legislation he wanted, but it's something else when he has no problem signing off on executive orders that take away your liberties and if you don't care or aren't concerned then go live in china or russia. Bush signed the patriot act and obama signed the Anti-protesting Act, NDAA, and NDRP if you don't know what that is look it up and stop making excuses and what makes it controversial is he signed these orders in secret on holidays such as new years and st. patrick's day. 90 billion tax dollars going to israel and 700 million going to egypt to fix masques and sewer systems right after the election instead of spending it on the crisis going on here. I'm not loyal to any party either. Africa and the middle east are in complete turmoil because of are actions over there most of you probably didn't know gaddafi was helping blacks in his country but after he was murdered blacks in that country are being murdered and enslaved and were not cleaning up the mess we started, don't believe me? once again look it up not to mention our president turned down meetings for black issues including the NAACP. Nothing is done in this gov that doesn't include profit, that's why there still a war on drugs because prisons profit from newly convicted inmates for cheap labor. Big boi is entitlled to make that comment because 1 it's a democracy and 2 he is a tax paying US citizen, nuff said.

    • and one more thing I see all this negativity on big boi for speaking his mind on obama, but I'm sure that if he was talking about romney you all would join in as well and wouldn't question his role in politics like you all are doing. I think romney is garbage as well but this whole "If you ain't with obama your a traitor to the race" game needs to stop.

    • it's truly sad how the original black panther party knew the government wasn't doing nothing for blacks and didn't care so they decided to take care of our own instead of relying, worshiping and defending a political figure that cares more for gays and latinos than blacks. Most of y'all lived here your entire lives how does it feel to know that people who come here illegally are getting better benefits than you and other countries are reaping the benefits from getting foreign aid from the taxes taken out of your checks don't really know shit about politics or what's going on in the world from these policies and your crying telling other blacks to vote for obama simply because he's black or just a very good speaker but from my eyes and what i see and what i experience especially being a veteran I learned that politicians or most are just high class pimps they tell you anything to get you to sell your ass to the highest bidder but at least hoes get something in return y'all didn't your vote went to the benefits of other parties outside of black I mean c'mon the guy rarely or doesn't even acknowledge that he's black he took a trip to Ireland and said "it's good to be home". So please black people know what's good for you before you jump on the bandwagon.

  21. Big Boi with the pimp slap…snap out of it

  22. Did Big BOI Vote?

  23. How about respecting a brothers opinion that is not in line with the tribal view or herd?
    That's why the youth don't respect the over-the-hill gang. As soon as they express an opinion the gang, gangs up on em.
    I remember when I was a youth and we were wearing Malcolm X caps and black power Tee shirts. The old folks rebuked us saying: "Take that hat off. You don't know what that's all about"….They never to the time to listen and talk. In their arrogance they lost a generation. Now our children are terrorizing their own communities. Respect the mans opinion! I have some serious problems with the president too!

  24. He has no Idea what he is talking about and that is what drives me crazy! " He did nothing in his first term." Okay I will cite this, He gave the order to kill Osama Bin laden. What more…"He was able to sign into law the affordable care act which for the first time in 50 years has slowed the rate of inflation in health care. But Who care some dumb moron named Big Boi spoke so we should all listen. He is an idiot and if you even care what he said you are an even bigger idiot!

  25. Re'bell Wii'th Outtapause

    SMH @ all these hurt feelings ass niggas. Black folks take to beezy like they do their pastor…blind allegiance…never promised anything never gave anything specifically dealing with Black folks but you want to criticize a man with an opinion (regardless of his profession) for speaking out against the hypocrisy of representative officials. Miss me with that nonsense.

  26. I respect Big Boi for speaking his mind.

  27. It's just an opinion. Everybody has one. It's sad that people think it's amazing when folks think all people of color have to think alike and that it's a big deal when they don't.

  28. I agree wholeheartedly! People are so stupid they believe evrything they hear, and pay no attention to what is really going on behind the sences. We have lost so many rights and OBAMA has signed off on many of them.

  29. Elle I agree with you President Obama is a sellout.We have swallowed the koolaid.President Lincoln is adored too,Illinois is where President Obama launched his campaign.President Lincoln wanted the slaves to return to the owners and or sent out of the states.All my life I was told and taught how great Lincoln was.Read “Forced into Glory” by Lerone Bennett Jr.Black people’s problem is we do not seek the facts in all aspects of this life in the United States and the whole world.We are totally controlled.

  30. Big Boi's do Big things! LOVE IT!

  31. Before you condemn Big Boi, try listening to what he is saying. The NDA Act is no joke. The government can basically treat you like a member of the Taliban without probabable cause or trial. They can abduct you at anytime without informing your family if they deem you a threat to national security. Anybody expressing displeasure with Obama can be considered a threat. And if you are saying to yourself, “just because the Act exists doesn’t mean it is being used,” think again. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away while they distract us with Basketball Wives and The Kardashians. Why would Obama publicly repudiate the bill but then quietly sign the bill on New Years Eve when folks are out partying. If you check the C-SPAN archives, you will see it was Obama that wanted the Act to apply to American citizens. This man is not about the people and Big Boi is all over it. And why was the NDA Act not reported on the news. Don’t assume that mainstream news will tell you everything you need to know. All they care about is ratings. They report what the Global Puppeteers tell them to report. Do your own research.

  32. It don't matter that he's a rapper! Its true Obama gave himself the "right" to kill or detain any American! And that's fine you all? Not me because he said he was "CHANGE" but we got more BUSH polices. How can you fix your mouth to call yourself a christian and not feel "Anyone" when they say they are for people not government! The Germans allowed the Nazi's to do the same thing take all your rights while the people fight over race and class.

  33. Before black people say he's the president for all and the rest of that bs, the gays and latinos sure have had a voice through this president! He doesn't even speak of his black side, but he damn sure points out his white side! Blacks need an agenda too! If he were white, would he still be so great? Quit being dismissive and prove me wrong! What about the poor and working poor? They are apart of everybody, right? Why are they never mentioned? Are people in the ghetto the middle class? If he wants equal rights for Israel, why not Darfur, Ethiopia, and other places committing genocide on blacks? Can we not ask him because he's black? Wake up black president supporters! Hold him accountable! The gays sure are!

    • Accountable to who? You?? Take care of your children!!!

    • Timothy you are 100% right a lot of the injustices in this country are directed towards blacks from the Prison For Profit system this country has or the extreme poverty and violence in America's cities.Over 90 percent of blacks voted for him! (seems every other minority group got a lil something and they didn't support him like blacks) I voted twice for CHANGE still waiting!! (oh but fine that Obama gave himself the power to kill me or throw men in jail without a trial!) has a Nazi feel to it because the people support this then wake up in the morning and tell there kids this a free country.

    • Keith Tart Bond, you dont know me, I'll leave it at that. I take care of my child, but as I see, your comprehension is screwd up! As a citizen that votes, I am supposed to hold my president accountable! For the people, by the peopl

    • take care of your children; pay child support; treat our women respectfully; stop committing crime; there would not be a prison industrial complex if fools stopped committing crimes in the community; educate yourself; learn how to speak english – guess what troll – i don't want to get to know you – troll get out the way!!!

    • Keith Tart Breath Bond, there was a time in my life when guys like you couldn't walk the streets, but even then I would know that you are hiding behind a computer blabbing! But anyway, show your woman a picture of this troll

    • Keith Tart Breath Bond, tell your woman the troll said whats up

  34. Whyk are we listening to this fool? Is he taking care of the numerous children he fathered out of wedlock? Shut the fxxk up troll!

    • lol you bring up kids but your behaving like the child.why not use your brain to bring something to the convo.

    • Danielle Rose Adams McMorris – your the problem – sistas like you let brothas like him step all over you!!! why you think it is so easy for black men to walk away from their responsibilities – look in the mirror!!!

    • You sound like all the racist this country is plagued with. How do you know if he takes care of his kids or not. What, just because he's a rapper? People think that other people they deem as at the bottom of the barrel shouldn't have a voice. He gave his opinion and that's his right. Why are you giving your opinion? There are some races( white people) that wants you to shut the fuck up. Stop worshiping the president. He can only do so much. Ps Big Boi is a family man.

    • Christopher Arnold show your face you ignorant troll – take care of your children troll!

    • Obviously by the way you look no one wants to give you children you Randy Jackson looking muhfucka

  35. Big boi keeping it real. He not done enough Obama im saying. And im glad rappers being political and keeping it real. Obama defenders say blacks should vote for Obama and expect Nothing, which is crazy deal with us like everyone else

    • Amen we should always expect more from people we vote for! not just let them do what they want!!

    • Danielle, Black people follow Obama like they support their preachers……..Blind loyalty regardless of what they do…….We have a messiah complex…..

    • Marcel please go back to school so that you can articulate a complete sentence. Big Boi is obviously someone you listen to, because you talk as silly as he does. I posted two things obama did in his first term just to shut people like you up. But it won't matter because you are one of those black men that would rather listen to a rapper than pick up the newspaper!

    • Reggie Jenkins REad your statement again and you will see how silly it sounds.

    • Marcel, Please read some Poli Sci books your are close to a school library BTW did you vote?

    • Yes, I voted cause he has been the most intelligent, healthy, youthful, and straight to the point politian that was No. 1 for the democratic ticket. Being BLACK was a definite bonus. WHITE america never had to chose race before. But the majority of them voted with their MONEY that was lost, and repeated that vote on an embarrassing lost. (Bring back the same policies that placed us in this economy". This rhetoric of Big Boi, timely as it may be, would be been posted no matter who was in office.

  36. Ugh Big Boi sound like a Big Baby… Your getting broke and you don't wanna your taxes to go up. Your weak Big Ass Loser. And your music sucks!

    • get the hell outta here with that weak ass comment… dumb ass people always think everything about money… I bet a nigga would have his damn way with yo dumb ass, all he gotta do is show you dollars, ol demoralized dummy…

    • Tony Rhodes actually your comment is dumb..How can u assume anyone can have they way just because they have money..She shared her opinion thats her right who are you to disrespect her YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO RESPECT WOMEN..

    • Only problem this fool has.. If the fact that he has argument and far as follower number two… Please don't be mad that I stated how I FELT. Remember my OPINION. Another thing Tony when was the last time you attended grammar school? Also you seem very weak to call people "nigga" because "niggas like you make black people like me look bad" please continue to watch Maury and STFU. Have a nice day!

  37. Recognize and Realize! I appreciate this brotha standing firm on his beliefs.

  38. He's entitled to his opinion!
    But what has he done, except rap! Negro please! Just because you have celebrity doesn't make you an authority!
    When you have those SAME monumental problems and you overcome the opposition throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you, and you STILL have successes, then come talk! But until then, shut your rhyming, rhetoric up!
    Didn't yo mama teach you that if you don't have something good to say, keep your mouth shut!

    • I'm sorry… but that 's been black people's problem long before Obama. Keeping our mouths shut when we should have been speaking up.

    • Does a rapper have any relevance in political matters. I think not.

    • I will be happy when we cease to give credibility to what entertainers think. Many know nothing of what is going on in the real world, but yet the media seeks them out for comments. I could care less about what Big Boi thinks…

    • Well said, freedom of speach also give us freedom not to speak when we don't know what we're talking about. If Big Boi wants to get into politics he should realize that he has two ears, one mouth and use them accordingly to learn something!

    • Amazing how entertainers are somehow not American citizens and as such don't have relevant opinions on matters affecting American citizens. Some people fail to realize that celebrity or not, people are people, we all have opinions and all opinions are relevant at the very least in context of their existence. Don't just disagree … prove it.

    • Agreed… I also have to wonder if he was "on President Obama's team" if they would still find him irrelevant.

    • You should follow your own advice! I didnt know you were being briefed on presidential matters! Nor did I know that you sat in on private meetings! Get off Big Boi! He had the courage to be a leader and not like you, a follower! Prove him wrong! Or you shut up!

    • that's your problem Tina M. speak for yourself please!

    • Please Obamites if he was kissing Prez Obamas ring you all would be kissing his butt.BTW for you all that think entertainers have no relevence remember reagan was a actor.

    • Marjorie Kinard Big Boi is pretty conscious. He's not your run of the mill rapper popping bottles and such. He's an artist. Since when should we not take artists seriously?

    • Troy Baynes Well if you want to assign whose entitled to relevance in political matters, perhaps you should wag your finger at these corporate lobbyists on the Hill as well. Big Boi never lobbied to kill the people. But Obama sure puts those same damning lobbyists and big biz execs in high ranking offices.

    • So Troy, Public Enemy, KR one, Black Star, X-CClan, Immortal Technique are irrelevant as well since they are rappers. There are entertainers who are well verse in political matters. I am afraid that so many Black folks have this blind loyalty to the first Black POTUS that they can't accept alternate views which maybe factual regarding their 'savior'

    • I suggest many of u look up Obama's foreign policy regarding Africa (Africom) and the middle east, NDAA, his support of Wall Street, Big Pharm, PRison Industrial complex, his blind loyalty to Israel's apartheid regime, and the fact that his administration is on pace with killing more people globally than Bush Jr.

    • Troy Baynes not big boi

    • Troy Baynes not big boi

    • Well I do. And Big Boi is one of the smartest people on this page. Fools can't point to anything tangible and important about this administration or any other for that matter. A bunch of sheep. Black sheeps.

  39. I knw datz right just do the job right