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Rapper Big Boi Not Happy With President Obama: “I Ain’t On Nobody’s Team”

Rapper Big Boi raised a few eyebrows in an interview with Pitchfork media when he shared his dissatisfaction with President Obama’s performance. Additionally, Big Boi is not in favor of supporting any government official who does the bidding of others at the expense of the people.

The Grammy Award winning rapper was interviewed about his album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, but when it came to the subject of politics, Big Boi didn’t hold his tongue.

When asked about the single “Somethin’s Gotta Give”, on which singer Mary J. Blige added lines about cheering for Obama, Big Boi said he didn’t have a problem with it:

BIG BOI: I didn’t tell her to do that.

PITCHFORK: No? She just did it?

BB: On my damn record. I had a problem with it. I’m not pro-government at all, I’m pro-people.

Big Boi continued, saying,  “our freedoms are getting taken away every day with things that people aren’t aware of.” As evidence, Big Boi cited the National Defense Authorization Act which allows American citizens to be held indefinitely without trial.

“I don’t care who the president is — it ain’t just all about who’s black or who’s white or who’s Republican or Democrat, it’s about who is for the betterment of people, period,” the rapper continued.

 When asked if he had any thoughts about Obama’s first term, Big Boi took a negative stance.
“Nope. What did he do? They say he’s trying to clean up a mess, right? Well, he needs a big-ass broom, and he gotta keep on sweeping. I ain’t on nobody’s team, you feel me? I’m about the American people.”
Most rappers have thrown their support behind President Obama, but for Big Boi, it’s all about adherence to principles, not race or party.



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