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NAACP Gets Involved: Unarmed Cleveland Couple Shot Over 20 Times

The NAACP in Cleveland is holding community forums to deal with the police investigation into a high speed chase that ended  with the death of two people.  Both people inside the vehicle were shot by police, even though they were unarmed.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is planning to attend the upcoming forum this Friday and talk to the community about the issues that concern them.

“We want to make sure we are covering the whole waterfront,” said Rev. E.T. Caviness, First Vice President-elect of the Cleveland NAACP. “We want the community to be aware of the total investigation and we want the police to give us a thorough analysis of what they are doing.”

The shooting is opening the door for broader dialogue about race relations in the city of Cleveland.   The driver of the vehicle, Timothy Russell and his companion, Malissa Williams, were both shot 23 and 24 times, respectively.  The two died in East Cleveland.
Police say that their use of deadly force was justified because Russell used his vehicle as a weapon.   Residents are asking that the federal government investigate the incident as well.
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