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Former Texas GOP Chair on President Obama: ‘…He Fried His Brains On Drugs’

Former Texas GOP Chair Cathie Adams said President Obama needs a teleprompter because he fried his brain using drugs.

Cathie Adams

It appears as if the GOP is trying to find any reason to insult President Obama. Former Texas GOP Chair Cathie Adams is the latest Republican to make a ridiculous statement about the president.

During a pre-election speech at a Grassroots America We The People “Call to Action” event, Adams fed her audience with conspiracy theories about President Obama, referring to him as a “Marxist” and discussing the effects of his past drug usage on his brain.

In a desperate attempt to make her audience agree with her, she referenced Colorado’s legalization and taxation of marijuana to support her claim of President Obama’s Marxism. “And folks we’ve got to be very careful about saying ‘well, that’s not for me but you can do whatever you want.’ Folks, we have a rule of law, we have a Constitution, and those things must be upheld,” she said. “And if we legalize it, will we empty out our jails and will we be safe for ever more? No. I’m telling you, Barack Hussein Obama has got to have a teleprompter because he fried his brain on drugs.”

It is true that the president admitted to using marijuana and cocaine in his younger years, but his usage seems to have no apparent affect on his intelligence. In fact, he maintained an exceptional GPA throughout his matriculation at Harvard. Interestingly enough, former president George W. Bush was allegedly arrested for cocaine in 1972. Although his record was later expunged with the assistance of his family, Adams failed to attribute Bush’s usage of the drug to his D average GPA and highly criticized terms in the White House.

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