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FBI Says Hate Crimes Have Decreased: Can You Tell?

The FBI says the number of hate crimes reported to police in 2011 declined slightly from the previous year.

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According to the FBI, the number of hate crimes reported in 2011 slightly declined from the number of hate crimes reported in 2010. Law enforcement agencies reported 6,222 hate crimes last year, compared to 6,628 in 2010 and 6,604 in 2009.

Nearly half of the reported hate crimes in 2011 were motivated by racial bias, and one of every five hate crimes was motivated by s*xual orientation or religious bias. One in five was motivated by national origin or ethnicity.

Nearly 60 percent of the people who allegedly committed hate crimes were Caucasian, in comparison to 20 percent being African American. In its two decades of recording hate crimes, the FBI’s highest-recorded number of hate crimes was in 2001 when 9,730 crimes of its nature were reported.

One of the most gruesome examples of a hate crime motivated by a racial bias was the case involving 49-year-old  James Craig Anderson of Jackson, Mississippi. Last year, Anderson (African American) was beaten and ran over in a pick up truck by a group of Caucasian teenagers. Deryl Dedmon, the 19-year-old driver of the pick up truck, was sentenced to life in prison. Another teen, John Aaron Rice, was charged with simple assault, for his role in the beating. The other teens were not charged at all. The motive for the teens’ crime was to ‘f*ck with some n*ggers.’

Can  you tell the number of hate crimes have decreased over the past two years?


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