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Pres. Obama Criticized for Meeting Rapper Who Wants to Kill US Soldiers

Fox News is going to have a ball this week going after President Obama.  The president recently caused an international uproar after shaking hands with the korean rapper PSY, who rapped about wanting to murder American soldiers.   The rapper, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, performed at a charity event at the White House this week.  PSY, who has become quite popular for the dance “Gangnam Style” is being attacked for a performance he did back in 2004.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video is the most watched YouTube video in history.   He has made millions from American fans, but there are some who were offended when he said, “kill those f****** Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives…kill them all slowly and painfully.”

There was a drastic call for the rapper to be removed from the list of performers for the event, but the president’s team failed to take him off the roster.   The benefit was to raise money for the Children’s National Medical Center.

“Do you remember when truly talented Americans entertained at WH? Now it’s the ‘Hate America First’ trash- and Commies like Psy,” columnist Harriet Baldwin tweeted.



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