The (Ree)lationship Guide: Ladies, Scientists Say Withholding S*x Will Get You a Man

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by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

Men around the world are probably going to be extremely disappointed after reading this information. A study reported in the European Journal of Personality, researched the impact of “playing hard to get” tactics on 1,500 men and women to see which ones work best.

Some of the tactics tested were flirting with others and diverting a love interest’s phone call to voicemail. The results indicated that the most effective tactics for women are appearing highly self-confident, talking to other people, withholding s*x, being sarcastic, appearing busy, teasing and flirting with other people, and turning down the first few dates.

Researchers from the University of Western Sydney and Singapore Management University also discovered that overall, women are more likely than men to play hard to get. The reason being is because women are trying to see who will stand by them once they have a baby.

Has playing hard to get been successful for you?


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  1. Lol. Try that and see if it works for you.

  2. Ok, let be honest people, unless you are in high school, this is a childish tactic. Any man of age knows that if a woman will not have sex with you it will be for one of two reasons. One being it is a religious thing and this I can respect, but you have to be real for this one to work. meaning you cant ignore some parts of the bible and keep this one. The other is that she is really not feeling you. I fail to understand why people cant just be honest about what they want or dont want and just go from there.

  3. I like this article and the study that they conducted. Hopefully women will continue with these tactics and stop giving away their sex so easy and then having the nerve to think the man will stay. Men never stop amazing me with the way that they truly think. Their thinking is entirely different from how the women believes they think.

  4. Not necessarily, it depends on the man. The article title should say:…'will get you a man who will respect you.'

  5. as a man I know this to be very true.I have slept with women in just a matter of days of knowin them, no challenge whatsoever and naturally I didn't stay.However the ones who made me wait are the ones I had a long and meaningful relationship with because we really got to know each other before sex.

    • there is no one answer ..u just cherish more what took work to get..a women can make u wait a yr and still be a all boils down to the maturity of both ndividuals & where they wanna go wit the relationship

    • its true that they can be a whore after making u wait,but highly unlikely,however it does have so much to do with maturity

  6. All of these studies have come from europeans. What makes them the authority on everything? Just because they are caucasoids, are we suppose to beLIEve everything they print? NOT ME!

    As a matter to Ttuth, this article is a LIE! Remember, his-story/his-LIE is still in affect. Every woman’s se*xual nature is different, and the same can be said of a man. These weak euro-anglo males, may have a weak sexual desire for a woman; therefore, they wait.

    The female may have a low tolerance for men; therefore, she may just be playing games to see, if a man will beg for the pooney!!! Women play games. Nowadays; if a man don’t shoot for the “target”, the woman will label him a ho*mo!!! Y’all now I ain’t lying. But, when we go for the “home run”, y’all label us “co*ck hounds.”


    You have some very intelligent, safisticated ladies, who are nothing, but Ph.D ‘ho’s. Just because a woman sells her body on the streets, doesn’t mean that these educated ‘ho’s, ain’t out here busy, too!!!

    Y’all better wake up; a woman aint no JOKE!!! She got more game than milton bradley; and that’s old school game! A woman will get hotter than a forest fire when she’s sees a man she may desire. It’s my turn anyway!!!

    Just because a woman gives up the ‘bush’ on the first date, does not mean she is a ‘ho! I LOVE aggressive women, and I see nothing wrong with a woman, who ain’t scared to ‘chose a man’. To me that’s confidence, and a REAL MAN, ain’t scared of a woman like this…heII, I look good too!!! lol

    If a man withheld the di*ck, these women would label him a f*g! The name of the game is COSMIC energy…sometimes the woman is waiting for the man to “knock the bush”, while the man may be waiting for the woman to ask for that “polish sausage”…already cooked; Ya Dig!


    I’M OUT!