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Wanda vs. Madea: Jamie Foxx Mercilessly Mocks Tyler Perry on SNL

Tyler Perry’s dress wearing has put him at the receiving end of a lot of jokes, but none more funny than Jamie Foxx’s spoof on Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The skit, which mocked Perry’s  poor performance in Alex Cross, painted Perry as a mix between Cross and Madea, being half man and half old cantankerous black woman.

Not surprisingly, the skit also poked fun at Perry’s decision to act, direct, and executive produce all of his own films.

In the spoof, Jamie Foxx dresses as half Madea and half Alex Cross and attempts to solve murders, but Madea always goes gangster and tries to take over from Alex Cross.Jamie Foxx does a superb job in the spoof by perfectly mimicking Madea.

Funny enough, Tyler Perry has only been spoofed once before, on The Boondocks, an episode which some Perry fans said went a bit too far because of the s*xual insinuations. This latest spoof, however, was not personal, and par for the course for any celebrity spoof. In that sense, it didn’t feel nearly as personal or acidic as McGruder’s spoof.

The irony here is that Jamie Foxx became famous for his character “Wanda” on “In Living Color”. Is the pot calling the kettle black here?

Perry hasn’t commented on the spoof, but if history is any indication, we’re sure he took it all in stride. What do you think about the skit? Is it funny, or did it miss the mark?

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