Wanda vs. Madea: Jamie Foxx Mercilessly Mocks Tyler Perry on SNL

Tyler Perry’s dress wearing has put him at the receiving end of a lot of jokes, but none more funny than Jamie Foxx’s spoof on Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The skit, which mocked Perry’s  poor performance in Alex Cross, painted Perry as a mix between Cross and Madea, being half man and half old cantankerous black woman.

Not surprisingly, the skit also poked fun at Perry’s decision to act, direct, and executive produce all of his own films.

In the spoof, Jamie Foxx dresses as half Madea and half Alex Cross and attempts to solve murders, but Madea always goes gangster and tries to take over from Alex Cross.Jamie Foxx does a superb job in the spoof by perfectly mimicking Madea.

Funny enough, Tyler Perry has only been spoofed once before, on The Boondocks, an episode which some Perry fans said went a bit too far because of the s*xual insinuations. This latest spoof, however, was not personal, and par for the course for any celebrity spoof. In that sense, it didn’t feel nearly as personal or acidic as McGruder’s spoof.

The irony here is that Jamie Foxx became famous for his character “Wanda” on “In Living Color”. Is the pot calling the kettle black here?

Perry hasn’t commented on the spoof, but if history is any indication, we’re sure he took it all in stride. What do you think about the skit? Is it funny, or did it miss the mark?

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  1. That was funny as h*ll……..Hey, Jamie is the one with all the awards, no other male Black Actor has an Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG. He is the best!

  2. I like the fact that we have a forum to express our opinion. However, I am amazed at the intensity that the men have expressed in their post regarding men portraying women in the movies and TV. I for one, think it was funny…it is just jokes. But, if I was to look at it seriously, I may tend to sway to the other side of the spectrum. But thinking seriously, why isn’t there as much intensity from Black Males, regarding how “Black Males” are portrayed in movies, TV, and Media. We see all too often of the pants hangingoff their butt, violent, gun toting, drug dealers, etc…. Just a questions.

  3. I can't believe it -Spike Lee now Jamie Fox, join the JEALOUSY BANDWAGON why do other brothers have to tear down the next brother when he becomes successful? it's sad.

  4. Funny as hell! Thank you for showing that inner bitch, of the silly negro… lol

  5. The effeminization of the Black man continues. This role is nothing new to Jamie because his “character” Wicked Wonda came before “Madea”.
    Same character; different player!

    As long as, we are being ENTERTAINED, it’s okay to make a mockery of ourselves through these so-called ENTERTAINERS and BALL PLAYERS. The people in the pulpits, on stage, in the movies, on tell-a-LIE-vision, in the news, are all perceived as CRIMINALS, and they are Black!!!

    If you OBSERVED that ignorance on [SNL], the “male side” of his character NEVER shot the gun, until it “shot” himself. NEITHER one of the characters SHOT the cuacasoid boy in the scene! You NEVER see a Black man shooting a white boy in these movies, or a Black pig killing a white criminal, IN REAL LIFE!!!

    It’s time to end all of this buffoonery and coonery, which is being shown in the media. Our children are watching this bullshyt, and you brainwash a child’s mind when they are still young; this negativity is destroying our children. They even have “lil gangster” girl bands!!!

    Before our children reach school age, they would have witnessed over 40,000 VIOLENT MOVIES (on videos, tell-a-LIE-vision, and in their homes and neighborhoods). Therefore, they grow up with an attitude, of SELF-HATE or HATERISM!!!

    These caucasoids are still “hanging” us with their guns, pigs, racist school system, religion, and media. “He who controls the pen; controls your mind.”


  6. Kawasaki Ben Jammin

    That was funny. I however, don't look at this a case of hypocrisy. Jamie did the Wanda character to establish himself with In Living Color, similar to Jim Carey doing Vera the bodybuilder to establish himself. Since each of them broke through with In Living Color, neither of them have picked up doing female impersonations since. The Saturday Night Live spoof was the first time Jamie, to my recollection, has put on a dress since Wanda, and it was half of one. Tyler Perry did Madea to establish himself with his plays, and when he transitioned to film he continued to do it. Though I do have an issue with black men allowing themselves to be cast in such ways, I do understand that, as someone pointed out to me, that Perry does this because the money it generates allows him to do other projects such as the Why Did I Get Married series and The Family That Preys, where he doesn't introduce the Madea character at all, but do not do as well as Madea movies. If we want this feminizing of black men to stop, we need to cease being an ardent supporters of such buffoonery and support positive entertainment in music, television and movies.

    • No it's not. He and Martin Lawrence did a spoof of Badboys as Wanda and Shaneyney a couple of years ago.

    • If any of Us in the public want Tyler Perry to stop doing Madea, We should Go All Out supporting All of his other top notch movies! The Dollars ringing up at the cash registers determines a lot of what we want to see. In the case of Tyler Perry, WE can do both! Comedy allows You to say things that aren't said in a drama. We must allow Tyler Perry via Our Support to keep telling Our Story. OUR young folk and most of Us need to hear/see the Truth as Tyler Perry directs it! For Colored Girls is a classic example of the Brother doing a film that was needed on the big screen and no other Producers did it, but Tyler Perry, he of the Madea fame step out on faith and did the film. Yes, Madea Money did "For Colored Girls!" Anyone have any problems with that transition from comedy dollars to classic film that Our People needed to see and talk about? Comedy Dollars did that!

      As for Alex Cross, WE all need to go to that movie because WE give Tyler Perry more influence to do other things no other Producer/Director will do. We never let others frame our Reality. WE go to the movie and make it a big hit with our dollars so that other forums can be told. We Must Tell Our Story.

  7. I like Jamie fox but it didn't do it for me essential funny I like a good laugh to

  8. This was hilarious.