Dad Gets Jail Time For Forcing Step-Daughter to Parade Around With Shaved Head While Wearing Diaper

A punishment of any kind, be it imposed by the judiciary or a parent, should match the infraction. Punishment is intended to serve as a course correction, not entertainment. But one father embarrassed his step-daughter as a form of punishment, and now he’s headed to jail for it.

Darnell Landrum is headed to lock-up for 120 days for shaving his 12 year old step-daughter’s head and forcing her to prance around in a diaper in front of her friends. The humiliating punishment was all because the 12 year old had been getting poor grades.

Landrum forced the girl to walk up and down their street with the shaven head and wearing the diaper, according to authorities.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the 12 year old outside the home crying and begging to be let back inside her home. The girl’s mother was also arrested after neighbors told police that she refused to allow her daughter back in the home.

The mother was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Landrum pleaded guilty to one count of malicious punishment. He must also perform 30 hours of community service, pay a $300 fine and complete two years probation. 

In addition, Landrum can have no further contact with the 12 year old. 

What do you think? Did this punishment go too far? Or did Landrum’s outrageous punishment warrant jail time, a fine, and probation?

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  1. Well, if not for d tag black news, I tink d jail term is not bad for d step dad, some good neighbors must have call d police, in Nigeria or Africa skin your child alive, nobody tink u have done sometin bad or even help call d police, d least they can do is just to plead on behave of d child nd 2moro at a slight mistake d ABUSE start again,

  2. Some ppl don't need to be a parent…

  3. A 12 year old paraded around shaven and in a diaper is deplorable. If anybody should do jail time it’s her mother…but she probably walks around like that for the Black man thinking she looks sexy! That girl must be mentally disabled because I don’t know ANY 12 year old Black children that would go for anything like that. Y’all crazy!

  4. That was awful It is the worst kind of parenting and it was child abuse on a physical, mental, emotional level. He should be banned from being around any children under the age of 18 for life. And shame on her mother for allowing that man to do that to her daughter. She should have her parental rights terminated.


  6. Smells a little fishy to me. Wonder what would have happened if the girl had been African America. It's obvious she was white and the cops were probably white. Hmmmm…kinda fishy. Now is the man and his wife divorcing so the woman can continue to raise her daughter or is she going to hand the girl off to her biological father to keep her black stud? Let's follow up on this one.

  7. Seriously!? That's why I won't just marry someone for the sake of having a man. You have protect your children from foolishness like this.

  8. He should be forced to prance around in heels & lingerie in front of people see how her feels & her mother I have nothing good to say about her either their both a disgrace!

  9. It was wrong he should got longer the mother two the mother should take parents classes…

  10. O.G Rhonda Lopes said that not TBeezy,

  11. I have a 13 year old daughter, if my husband "call his self "doing that I better not be home. He better hope the cops get to him first!!

  12. I feel both the punishment and no contact with his daughter is way too high unless he has abused her continues in the past.

    • In child abuse battery only ends up escalating. His shaving her head was assault and battery, so what's he gonna do the next time to make an example of her? Child abusers don't soften their punishments, they escalate them to stronger and more forceful punishments… so you willing to bet this child's life on your feeling that his punishment is too severe?

  13. Her mom should of gotten the stiffer sentence she let this nigga do that shit to that lil girl

  14. He should be made to wear lipstick and a wig and diaper. The mother should have to shave her head and wear a diaper in the neighborhood. The fine money should be given to the daughter!!!

  15. The 12 year old is scarred for life, this level of psycho-emotional damage is lasting and no one that witnessed it is ever going to forget about it so I think the parents didn't get enough jail time as a punishment fitting their crimes. They should lose custody and stay away from children forever….I have my doubts that she will ever get good grades after this but people persevere.

  16. He was foul & he should have got longer in jail… her momma is stupid for even allowing someone to do this… that was not a punishment that was embarrassment & humility & he may have scared that child for life…

  17. Let’s keep it real. There are caucasoid teachers, who are molesting, raping, and demeaning our children in their classrooms!!! Everytime we look on these so-called Black news sites, it’s always negativity about our Black men, women and youth!

    We are either beaten, killed or going to jail for drugs, versus something positive our young Black men, women and children have did in their communities. Our men are only seen with handcuffs or bullet wounds on their bodies!!! NEVER HEROES

    More young Black men are in college versus jail, these anglo-euros say the opposite; this is the LIE these heathens want us to beLIEve. Look this Truth up for yourselves, and see that more Black young men are in COLLEGE; not jail/prison. Do your RESEARCH and get back with me!

    This dumb, retarded looking negroid knew he can’t do what caucasoids do to our children. There have been caucasoid teachers, who made their Black students kiss their dirty feet, or have slapped them in front of class, or give them drugs and liquor for sex! THESE ARE FACTS!!!

    The hillbilly, barefoot, trailer trash looking wife looks like she just escaped from the mental ward!!!

  18. William Tharealwill White Sr.

    They just made an example out of him cause he black and she's white. They know damn well his punishment was too damn harsh if even necessary at all!

  19. Please he is the step dad….where is the real father. Punishment for him should have been the real dad handling the step dad and the mother is no better ahe needed to get more time and community service with her head shaved and you wonder why children are killing themselves daily. Parents need to step up and be real parents

  20. Before sending him to jail they should have made him do the same thing.

  21. The mother should have gotten more time for allowing someone to mentally and emotionally abuse her daughter!

  22. Well, when she has self esteem issues they'll know why…. But to keep them seperated is a bit much…

  23. Absolutely too harsh of a punishment for the girl but jail time and no more contact with the girl is just absolutely ridiculous!

    • His punishment was child abuse -physical, mental and emotional. Her bad grades did not deserve that extreme of a punishment, but he was the adult and he should have done better. In shaving her head, he assaulted and battered her which IS extreme all by its lonesome. What's he gonna do next time? How far would he escalate next time? He's not fit to be near her and banning him from being around that child is what I call "a good start."

  24. This is as wrong as it gets. He should have gotten a year. The mother should have gotten 2yrs. It's her daughter