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Cory Booker Gives Critical Thought to Run for Governor, Senate

Mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker has confirmed he is thinking about campaigning for governor or senate next year.


Newark, NJ, Mayor Cory Booker has confirmed that he is giving critical thought to campaigning for governor in 2013.

I am absolutely considering running for governor, as well as giving other options some consideration. I’m going to be focused on that for the next week to ten days or so,” he said during an appearance on CBS. “It’s got to be within the next two weeks, there’s a lot of very good candidates for Governor on the Democratic side.”

Booker believes his future opponent — if he runs for governor — Governor Chris Christie could be vulnerable to any Democrat. Booker also went on to acknowledge that he is giving critical thought for a senate run, as he believes there are already solid Democratic candidates running against Christie. In case you’re wondering if he can run for both positions, he can. Current New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney is among the possible names on the Democrat ballot for both Governor and Senate next year.

Life ultimately is not about position, it’s about a purpose,” Booker said. “My purpose that I try to focus on every single day is how can I make a difference in the world around me and the community around me. So I’m really thinking about both offices right now and which one can I better serve on the issues that I’m passionate about.” Booker has acquired a rise in popularity after delivering his speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention. He’s currently participating in the “SNAP” challenge, which forces the mayor to live off of food stamps for a week and spend less than $5/day on a meal. He keeps his residents updated on his status via his Twitter account.

Do you believe Booker has proven himself to be an adequate leader given the current state of Newark, NJ?

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