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Nelson Mandela Extremely Ill; Has Reportedly Stopped Talking

The greatness of Nelson Mandela can hardly be exaggerated.  The storied senior citizen is the stuff that legends are made of and has lived a life that impacts millions of people to this day.  The leader isn’t doing well and some are concerned that his health may be waning.

“He has not been talking … he is not looking good. It’s clear that something is troubling him,” a source told The Sunday Times, a South African newspaper.

Mandela has spent another day at the Pretoria hospital to get tests.  He was flown from his home to get help after not feeling well.  His health has been an issue as of late, but no details are being released about his condition.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions, allied with the ruling African National Congress party, responded in a statement:

“We hope that it is true – as reported by the presidential spokesperson – there is no cause for concern or alarm,” said the South African Trade Unions, in a statement.

Mr. Mandela was hospitalized in February of this year for what was first announced to be routine tests.  But it turned out that he was getting a medical procedure to deal with abdominal pain.  He hasn’t made a public appearance since the 2010 FIFA World Cup, hosted by his home country of South Africa.



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