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Police Say Another Handcuffed Young Man Shot Himself in the Head

There is a curious magic trick sweeping the country which allows handcuffed people to somehow make the cuffs disappear and shoot themselves in the head.  Twice now, young men have been searched for weapons, put in the back of squad cars, and then, inexplicably, shot themselves in the head.

In August, Kulture Kritc reported the story of Chavis Carter, 21, who, according to police, committed suicide in the back of a squad car.

Carter had called his girlfriend to come bail him out from jail and been searched for weapons before being placed in the back of the squad car. In addition, the gunshot wound was to Carter’s right temple, but Carter’s mother says her son was left handed.But somehow, at least according to police, Carter managed to shoot himself while in the back of the squad car.

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