Nomalanga: Defending Obesity Is Not Cute

By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Not long ago, I wrote a blog post suggesting that a young woman who was overweight and had recently acquired a platform ought to use the platform to address the challenges and effects of being overweight (or obese or even corpulent). The problem with discussing weight issues is that people, especially women, tend to become very, very defensive. Long story short, the conversation did not go as I intended, but instead turned into a debate about whether or not making such a suggestion was mean spirited or not. Just to be clear, my intention was not a mean spirited one.

Because I have had my own challenges with managing my weight, I do feel that, unlike the people who have never known the frustration of being able to mange most things in your life except your weight, I feel like I approach the subject in a more realistic way.

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