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Asa Lovechild:Toni Braxton Hospitalized With Lupus Complications

Associated Press is reporting that singer, Toni Braxton has been hospitalized ,in Los Angeles, with complications from lupus. In a tweet on Friday, Braxton says that she has been hospitalized with “minor health issues”. “Hey guys, I’m in the hospital for health issues related to Lupus & Blood clots, I will be home soon. Thanks for all the love&support! Xoxo

No further details have been released. Braxton revealed her condition two years ago. In an interview with 20/20, Braxton said doctors told her that her career would most likely suffer and fade, due to her condition. She said that her health issues aided in pushing her into bankruptcy.

In the beginning of the year, Braxton was hospitalized due to similar complications. During that time, she told ET, “I have good days and bad days. But today is a great day, if you ever see me a little chunky it’s because of all the steroids, all the shots and things and my medications. But today’s a great day, I’m a little thinner today, I fit into this fabulous dress, so I feel really good.”

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that effects 1.5 million Americans and about 5 million people, worldwide. It can keep you from being able to fight off germs, bacteria, and viruses. Even the common flu can be a problem. It can damage your skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body. Symptoms can last longer than six weeks or  for many years.

According to The Lupus Foundation of America, 90 % of individuals diagnosed with the disease are women, who develop the disease between ages 15-44, and is seen mostly among women of color. Many people with the disease will live a normal life span, with 10 to 15% perishing prematurely, as a result of complications.

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Get well soon, Toni.






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