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They’ll Have Another One Next Year : Nicki Minaj Your 15 Minutes is Ticking!

Is Nicki Minaj on her way out the door as a megastar?   From the looks of things, the poor woman doesn’t have the musical swag and pull that she had in the past.  She’s been screaming at everyone from Target to Hot 97 about what they’re doing to harm her career.  But maybe Nicki’s harming her own career by going nuts on anyone who doesn’t give her what she wants.  Is she just a short fad?  Maybe.

The Grammy nominations list always packs a few surprises, and certainly a few punches — just ask Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun — and one of this year’s surprises was Nicki Minaj‘s exclusion from the list, especially in light of her presence at the 2012 awards.

At this time last year Nicki Minaj was celebrating three nominations and gearing up for her first Grammys performance. She was up for the coveted Best New Artist award, in addition to Best Rap Album for Pink Friday and Best Rap Performance for the Drake-featured single “Moment 4 Life.”

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