Reporter Gives Robber Her Money and He Shoots Her Anyway

Veteran WZTV reporter Erika Lathon was shot last night at an ATM in Nashville, Tennessee.  We don’t normally expect Nashville to be the center of crime and violence, but for this unfortunate woman, it became a living nightmare.

Lathan was shot in the arm and is expected to make a full recovery.  After the shooting, the woman drove herself to the nearby Baptist Hospital, where she was treated. She was released shortly thereafter.

The most shocking part about the robbery was that Lathon actually did what the robber told her and gave him her money.  For some reason, he still decided to shoot her.  Police are studying the surveillance video from the bank and will be on a serious manhunt for the suspect.

The incident was reported by Lathon’s station on the Friday morning newscast.

High profile figures around the nation are starting to be part of the crime wave that appears to have risen since the economic downturn.  Many cities are devastated, with poverty rates surging and black male unemployment rates reaching at high as 40%.   Rev. Jesse Jackson had the rims taken off of his car during a recent trip to Detroit, and renown pastor Marvin Winans was beaten and carjacked at a gas station in the same city.  Times are getting tough.


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  1. I Never Use The ATM's Too Much Going On!!!

  2. Reporting a story should always contain facts, not distortions and inaccuracies… the pastor whose rims were stlen was Dwayne Houston, from Texas… not Rev. Jesse Jackson.

  3. Nedrea SweetPea Scott

    Times are getting tough? No people are just plain stupid. Everyone around is struggling, including me, but do you see me stealing, killing and robbing? No! People keep using this lame excuse of the economy being bad to rob and kill people…bull….the person who shot her, once they catch him should get life without parole…you do the crime, you need to do the time.

  4. Every woman in America should be allowed to carry her own firearm.
    She must stay qualified and proficient but allowed to pack and be accountable for her firearm. Have enough women on the street packing heat, you would have less victimization…..

  5. Sad to say there are plenty of violent incidents in Nashville. We are not immune to the same problems that plague urban America. Nashville is a metropolitan city with the identical gulf between the haves and have nots, plus the proliferation of guns, that converge in many of these situations. I am very grateful that Ms. Lathon, a very respected reporter, is still alive because she could very easily be dead today. That (she was only wounded) is the only good aspect of this story.

  6. So he spends the night with his whore and THEN goes home
    to murder the mother of his child? There is EVERYTHING wrong with this picture……..

  7. I am glad she is all right, we have to be vigilant when we used the ATM Machine, I tell the person to wait out side while I do my business sometimes, because I can’t see over my shoulder.

  8. Oshuare Vicky Oshua

    I wonder. It is so disturbing to hear these stories. Why? What is happening to us as blacks? We need people who are black role models. The worst thing is that as blacks we do not like ourselves and at the slightest chance, evil happens. We need God`s intervention as a race. Am black and proud and I want the best for us. We need to start something positive.

  9. The holiday season plus a bad financial climate equals more crime. It is a shame that this punk would shoot a sister at all let alone after she complied.

  10. I grew up with a school full of such predators. They regard anyone 'weaker' as their rightful prey. First off, you need to have 'situational awareness' which means that if you're at a place that can provide a predator with an opportunity, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS AROUND YOU! I also know you're not going to like this, but the truism of 'YOU CANNOT RAPE A.38" is true. Even if she got a single round off into the guts of this predator, he would have had his criminal career terminated. These predators prefer defenseless prey. I'll say it again differently, she was picked out as a target since black females have the lowest rates of concealed carry and are those regarded as easy prey for them. With them being defined as black muggers or white supremacist looking for a thrill kill. Everyone wants the cops to 'do something' afterwards, why not do something for ourselves beforehand? Everyone wants the cops to 'do something' but are wearing "WARN'A BROTHER" Tshirts and won't give up the information needed to bring this predator to justice. With all that said, I hope that she has a full complete recovery both physically and mentally, and the perp spends a long long time in the pen.

  11. that burns me I had a similar thng n my apartment last week.

  12. the predatory behavior gives our community a black eye. its time to collectively cast these people out of our community. when are we going to admit there is a problem, black on black crime has become an epidemic.

    • I second that emotion. I can understand that some guys are bums and don't want to work for their money,but why do they shoot their victims anyway after they've gotten the money? It's a certain mentality out their where these reptiles take their anger out on innocent people.

    • Crime, poverty, and oppression are all intermingled into this orgy of self-destruction. I have a been a victim of crime many of times living in the city of Chicago, but we are going to have to do better than this draconian approach facilitated by the white supremacist power structure that ironically created the conditions that produce such violent behavior. This system has locked millions of black men and women outside of the work force with silly non-violent drug sentencing. So how are these people supposed to get money? I'm not justifying the violent criminal acts such as shooting this women for no reason, but we have to correct the societies unequal distribution of wealth and opportunity so that people will have at least a little chance to overcome their impoverished situations.

    • Rochell Ro Deezy Hart

      Black on black crime is without argument an epidemic. One that our community needs to address from within simultaneously with examining and changing the infrastructure within which we all (in the USA) survive (or at least try to). However, you know what is equally an epidemic? How we have been socialized to demonize ourselves – – the hate that hate creates. At no point in this story does it say she was robbed by someone black so the automatic assumption that this was a black on black crime is proof that we (some of us) are so far gone that we too often think of ourselves in the same black-is-evil black-is-bad terms as the "oppressor".

    • Nedrea SweetPea Scott

      James, we never will admit it because we are too busy trying to blame all the wrong we do as blacks on another race that did not and does not put a gun to our head and tell us to sell or use drugs, rape and brutalize women in every manner, drop out of high school, don't become college educated, etc etc etc etc……when we start accepting our flaws and then doing something about them, then and maybe then can others help those who help themselves….

    • One thing that I'd like to see is "The Road Back Act" be pushed again which gives someone that got a felony conviction a marked path back to full citizenship and restoration of all rights plus their record is totally cleaned of this offense. Let's face the reality of today's laws, anyone can be convicted of a felony for something on any particular day. Even Martha Stewart got convicted as a felon because of 'contradictory statements' to a federal agent. This 'ignorance of the law is no defense" is now bogus because the laws/rules/regulations are now contradictory and their enforcement depends on the mood of those enforcing the laws. Everyone does make mistakes but why are we permanently branding someone as a felon when it is so well established that they're going to be banned to an underworld of crime and violence as an ex-con. Then we wonder why people stay in that culture when the reality is that they're locked there! There has to be a way made to restore these people back into society as clean functional citizens rather than let them languish in a legal purgatory.

    • Rochell Ro Deezy Hart – You are absolutely right; the article did not state the race of the robber, yet I assumed he was black. (We can, however, pretty much assume that the robber was male. Sorry guys.). This is a sad state of affairs, thanks to the media.

  13. I hope she recovers physically and mentally from this. Please COPS, catch this lowlife….

  14. U right big bro this is only something a punk would do.

  15. This is crazy and sad!! I hope her station reports real soon that person is in Jail!!!!

  16. Are u shitting me? this is exactly why I'm in school now for criminal justice so I caan be a cop and catch assholes and lowlifes like this.