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Nomalanga: Can a Modern Woman Be in a Polygamous Marriage?

President Of South Africa & His Wives

By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Today, as I opened my eyes and pondered starting my day, I was very tempted to just pretend that all my responsibilities had disappeared and I could just go back to sleep. Those who know me and my workaholic tendencies know that that would actually be a punishment, but I digress. The reason why I was struggling to get out of bed was that I reckon my body is fighting off some variation of a cold, cough or flu.

So I got to thinking…what if I could stay in bed and someone else other than my husband could get the kids ready for school, make breakfast and do my chores for the day? Because I had recently engaged in an interesting conversation about polygamy over the Thanksgiving holiday, the thought of it came to my mind. I thought, what if there was another woman in the house who could do everything that I did and I could, just this once, have the luxury of staying in bed and resting for a while longer?

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