NBA Champion Victorious In Child Support Battle

Miami Heat basketball star Chris Bosh came out victorious in the child support battle for his daughter

Some women become so engulfed in their misery of losing their lover that they use their child as a weapon to wound the ex-boyfriend. This is the case with Miami Heat player Chris Bosh’s ex-girlfriend/mother of his daughter, Allison Mathis.

Mathis fought Bosh in a Texas court to receive child support payments close to $30,000/month as opposed to her current $2,700/month payments. Fortunately, Mathis’ attempts were shunned and the judge allowed Bosh to continue to pay $2,700/month in child support for his daughter.

Mathis’ attempts to paint Bosh as a deadbeat dad fell on deaf ears, as his attorney revealed that the multimillionaire NBA player pays all of his daughter’s daycare expenses, medical and dental expenses, and developmental and extracurricular activities. He has also set up a college fund for their daughter and at one point, gave Mathis a lump sum of $250,000. There’s no record of how Mathis used the payout Bosh gave her, but she alleges she is in danger of losing her home after being laid off. Fortunately, the judge sniffed through her scheme and ruled in favor of Bosh.

Mathis has a history of depriving Bosh from spending time with his daughter. He asked if his daughter could accompany him at an All-Star game, but Mathis declined, saying that the environment wasn’t suitable for their three-year-old daughter and that she didn’t believe their daughter would spend quality time with Bosh. Bosh asked to take his daughter to the Olympics this past summer. Again, Mathis declined.

Should child support take care of the mother of the child also?


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  2. No child support was founder for the children moms can go work and take care of self stop the selfish bs ladies(some)

  3. This is not mom and child support, it is just that to take care of the child.

  4. Dewaun Silky Johnson Jennings

    Shout out to you Chris!!! You give all fathers like myself in similar situations hope!!!

  5. Dewaun Silky Johnson Jennings

    Shout out to you Chris!!! You give all fathers like myself in similar situations hope!!!

  6. Absolutely not. She should get a job.

  7. I'm so tired of greedy ass women stalking out these basketball players getting pregnant and trying to hit the jackpot…He's doing more than enough…Stop using your child as a weapon against him…

  8. Childofthelight Daughter

    I agree with the court on this decision. She is my first cousin and I wish both of them the best. He handling his business and I give him props for that!

  9. $2700 a month? I get $80 a week. I was support 3 adults on $2600 a month. I think the judge should have made him pay less. Don't have kids until you're married. Apparently this was a money making scheme for the mother.

  10. I'm happy for him because I do not believe that all men are bad fathers. I do believe that there are more bad mothers than fathers. There are a lot of mothers that use the kids because they have an issue with the father and that is not right. Those types of mothers are very selfish and only think about themselves. Just because a man does not want to be with you does not give you the right to take away their kids. Let the child make that decision and believe me if he is a deadbeat dad that most women say their kids father is, they will learn in due time. Until then encourage your child to have a relationship with their father/dad. I cannot stand women like this; it just saddens me because there are so many of them. Selfish a** people.

  11. Bout tme these judges started ruling smartly in the area of child support. The amounts paid for P.Diddy, and some of these other successful men is ridiculous. The money is for the child, not for the mother to live high off the hog. This is the reason you see so many women trying to get pregnant by these guys, cause the court has allowed them to use the child to manipulate the situation to advance their own agendas.

  12. Child should be just that, support for the child, not the mother!

  13. “Child support” means support of the child. Demands from the mother for money for herself is gouging.

  14. Exactly!!.. Women are out for meal tickets from Athletes!..)):°[}
    watch out groupies when male BC is released!!.. Your then really given up the cookie for #FREE!!..
    women have to have more value for yourself!.. learn to know your cookie is precious and priceless, not a garden tool. love me and he will love you!

  15. Walter Lee-lee Jones

    It will be so easy just give the child to the most stable parent,only then i think ppl would think twice before having kids outta wedlock

  16. Negia Doinhathang Hayes

    That is deff some bs. These women are just to thirsty.

  17. See, women like that give other women a bad wrap. She should be a shamed of herself. I lost my kids father 10 yrs ago , I don't get that, when chicks go out there way to keepthe children from the fire?

  18. Child support is for the child. These women think they hit the lottery, not! If he is taking care of buisness that's it. She has not right to deprive her own daughter from bonding with her dad. Then complains he's a deadbeat. #fathershaverights

  19. She wasn't with him shooting in the gym. {{^_^}}

  20. No, the money is for support of the child period whatever it cost to raise the child.

  21. Should child support take care of the mother of the child also?

    Nope. Both parents have a fiduciary responsibility for the child.

  22. Its not right but thats how its been for years

  23. Bosh enjoy your daughter and spend that quality tie with her and as far as child support for the mother of course not but how can you stop it cos theyre gonna use on them as well but it

  24. If he is paying child support I think she should be using it for the child and not her own selfish reason. Good for Bosh! Now days you don't find to many that are willing to do what Bosh is doing. So I give props!

  25. Stephen T. Howland

    Its all good,Bosch got a judgement in his favor.Belive me I am soo glad that the family courts are starting to see the bull these women are laying down in the guise of taking care of there children and how women use kids as weapons and tools to continue to have some kind of control(a large bit of control) over there ex's lives! When will we as black men especialy black men of stature and power rember the first line of dfense condomes!!! Lol!!!! Strap up and have a ball!!!!! Stop giving come (cum) ups!!!!! Lol!!!!