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NBA Champion Victorious In Child Support Battle

Miami Heat basketball star Chris Bosh came out victorious in the child support battle for his daughter


Some women become so engulfed in their misery of losing their lover that they use their child as a weapon to wound the ex-boyfriend. This is the case with Miami Heat player Chris Bosh’s ex-girlfriend/mother of his daughter, Allison Mathis.

Mathis fought Bosh in a Texas court to receive child support payments close to $30,000/month as opposed to her current $2,700/month payments. Fortunately, Mathis’ attempts were shunned and the judge allowed Bosh to continue to pay $2,700/month in child support for his daughter.

Mathis’ attempts to paint Bosh as a deadbeat dad fell on deaf ears, as his attorney revealed that the multimillionaire NBA player pays all of his daughter’s daycare expenses, medical and dental expenses, and developmental and extracurricular activities. He has also set up a college fund for their daughter and at one point, gave Mathis a lump sum of $250,000. There’s no record of how Mathis used the payout Bosh gave her, but she alleges she is in danger of losing her home after being laid off. Fortunately, the judge sniffed through her scheme and ruled in favor of Bosh.

Mathis has a history of depriving Bosh from spending time with his daughter. He asked if his daughter could accompany him at an All-Star game, but Mathis declined, saying that the environment wasn’t suitable for their three-year-old daughter and that she didn’t believe their daughter would spend quality time with Bosh. Bosh asked to take his daughter to the Olympics this past summer. Again, Mathis declined.

Should child support take care of the mother of the child also?


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