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Jovan Belcher Identified Mystery Woman as His Girlfriend

Brittni Glass is the mystery woman who spent time with Jovan Belcher before the tragic murder suicide transpired


Images have been released of the mystery woman that Jovan Belcher spent the evening with prior to committing a murder suicide that left his 3-month-old baby parentless.

Brittni Glass, the woman Belcher identified as his girlfriend when police found him sleeping in his car outside her apartment, has remained coy about her relationship with the player. When reporters swarmed her with questions about the evening she spent with Belcher, she simple confirmed they were together the night before he tragically killed his girlfriend and then himself. “I was with him that night, that’s it,” Glass told reporters.

Apparently that wasn’t it. After witnesses revealed that Glass and Belcher were together for dinner earlier that evening, police responded to a report around 2:50 a.m. Saturday of Belcher sleeping in his car outside an apartment building. Police spokesman Darlin Sapp said when police approached the car, Belcher got out of the vehicle and was cooperative with police. “We ask him ‘Why are you sleeping here?’, and he says he’s there to visit his girlfriend, but she’s not home,” Snapp said. When police determined Belcher didn’t have any outstanding warrants, Snapp said Belcher, 25, made a phone call and a short time later, a woman let Belcher into her building. Police did not question the woman and don’t know who she is, he said. “When he was sleeping she may have come home, and he didn’t realize,” Snapp said. “He was very cooperative and thanked the officers.”

Snapp said that was the last contact police had with Belcher “until his name came up” with the shooting at his home. Witnesses have since told police that Belcher stayed at that apartment until 6:30 a.m., Snapp said.

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