Jovan Belcher Identified Mystery Woman as His Girlfriend

Brittni Glass is the mystery woman who spent time with Jovan Belcher before the tragic murder suicide transpired

Images have been released of the mystery woman that Jovan Belcher spent the evening with prior to committing a murder suicide that left his 3-month-old baby parentless.

Brittni Glass, the woman Belcher identified as his girlfriend when police found him sleeping in his car outside her apartment, has remained coy about her relationship with the player. When reporters swarmed her with questions about the evening she spent with Belcher, she simple confirmed they were together the night before he tragically killed his girlfriend and then himself. “I was with him that night, that’s it,” Glass told reporters.

Apparently that wasn’t it. After witnesses revealed that Glass and Belcher were together for dinner earlier that evening, police responded to a report around 2:50 a.m. Saturday of Belcher sleeping in his car outside an apartment building. Police spokesman Darlin Sapp said when police approached the car, Belcher got out of the vehicle and was cooperative with police. “We ask him ‘Why are you sleeping here?’, and he says he’s there to visit his girlfriend, but she’s not home,” Snapp said. When police determined Belcher didn’t have any outstanding warrants, Snapp said Belcher, 25, made a phone call and a short time later, a woman let Belcher into her building. Police did not question the woman and don’t know who she is, he said. “When he was sleeping she may have come home, and he didn’t realize,” Snapp said. “He was very cooperative and thanked the officers.”

Snapp said that was the last contact police had with Belcher “until his name came up” with the shooting at his home. Witnesses have since told police that Belcher stayed at that apartment until 6:30 a.m., Snapp said.

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  1. I get mad everytime I hear about this story.

  2. I just knew it had to be a white girl. Oh Well!

  3. Isn’t that typical? The one doing the accusing is usually the guilty one.

  4. Isn’t that typical? The one doing the accusing is usually the guilty one.

  5. Wait, so he Cheats then Murders his childs mother because he thought she was cheating on him, are you kidding me? This is a Coward move, rot in hell buddy, smdh!!!

  6. El'Malik Abdul Muhammed

    wait a Min-U-it. So you are CHEATING with another woman, and out with her the night before, yet you MURDER your childs mother and your suppose woman because she came in late and you thought she was CHEATING on you? That's a cowards, punk ass move and most only care about your ass (not the woman and motherless baby) because you played in the NFL. TRAGIC!

  7. This is to confusing to me first ahe came home late and he got a "so call girlfriend" only two people know the real truth and they both are dead..What he did was wrong killing the mother of his child and then himself now the true victim here is this poor baby..

  8. How about if this “side chick” came with a guy that night?

  9. These by thchez get those dumb n I g s. A hard truth but believable!

  10. You kill the mother of your child, apparently valuing the life of your "Becky" side piece more so than the woman who held you down and brought your seed into this world!? Coward!!

  11. Just check out ESPN white ex-pro-sportscaster who have been sued because of their perverted catholics ways…

    The wite men of ESPN and ESPN has been sued more than any other network…

    I agree with Derrick, you cannot believe what the perverted catholic write and print about Black men…

    But, to many of Black people, the typical white child molesting perverted catholic is Jesus/God to them and his word is gold…

    Ask any Black person, “If a white person say it on TV, then it must be true” and any Black person will believe it…

    Remember, ESPN the home of the perverted catholic…

  12. while this person has been identified being with him the night before,it doesn’t change these tragic circumstancse.there is still a child without her mother and father.MAY GOD bless that child to remember that GOD still makes a way.

  13. I'm sorry I have no respect for those that keep trying to defend Belcher's selfish and cowardly act. What manner of man are we producing! This is no Hero – as a single father of a beautiful daughter I tell you this isn't LOVE this is selfishness and sickness.. Devil knows what to use to bring the mighty down –

  14. I knew that heifer was white. Girlfriend or Handler?

  15. I want to be racial, but maybe I shouldn't. Ah, what the hay?! This fool kills the black mother of his child, while his girlfriend is…… know the rest. Straight coward! May she rest in peace and this same peace surround her baby as she grows up in the cruel world without the person who loves her most!

    • Sorry but I thought that too…..

    • Tayatta S Cummings

      This is so sad!

    • You remember some years ago, when this guy was drafted either for football or basketball, can't remember which, but he found out his girlfriend was pregnant, and he know that now that he was going to be in the money and a big star, he had someone to kill her. This is he same thing, I think, he wanted snow so bad he went home a shot his girlfriend, but could not stand the thought of going to jail for ever so he took, what he thought, was he easy way out. I call it brain slavery, got to have snow by any means necessary

    • your speaking of DUMB and COWARD ass Ray Carruth of the Carolina Panthers, smh!!

  16. Dude was a control freak. If you read the reports from when he was in college at U of Maine. What's Lies Beneath! smmfh

    • He was a fucking sociopath. Kassandra Perkins deserved better…

    • women are blinded easily by fame and riches….

      If he wasn't a pro athlete I bet kassandra wouldn't have dated him or been so down to take abuse and have his kids in the first place…

  17. We will NEVER know the Truth about this situation! Anything the racist media puts out on Black men, are y’all gonna beLIEve it everytime?

    This cracker NEVER puts the dirt out on their ball players and professionals, who rape, women and get away with it. Y’all forgot about Ben Rapistberger, who raped a ‘ho and got away with it…TWICE!!!

    Get the fvck outta here! I don’t beLIEve shyt these yankees print in their papers, and put on their tell-a-LIE-vision!


  18. The whole situation is just shitty cause @ 1st the rumor was she cheated and was out all night @ a trey songs concert. Now the other side is coming out and he's looking as dirty as sand @ the beach. I'm a fan of the chiefs but I don't think them hanging his jersey up in his locker was honorable @ all. He pulled a coward move and then took a coward's way out. I have 3 lil daughters 7, 1, A Month a a half. So this kind of thing effects me more now when I hear stories like this.

  19. When I heard about this it PISSED me off! Not only do you murder the mother of your child, but apparently you murdered her because she probably went off on you for staying out all night, probably unbeknownst to her with some other chick! Ridiculous! I'm so hurt for her, her daughter and all those that lost this young lady they love!

    • Erika Harrison Eanes

      I felt & thought that too! At first they made it seem like she was out all night and pranced back in all nonchalantly and an argument started but no it was clearly him! What's more telling is his mother saying the last thing she heard was him saying you can't talk to me like that! Just a mess and I hate that people feel sorry for him. He just didn't want to go to jail in my opinion.

    • I felt and feel the same way. The HELL with Jovan's cowardly ass! He should have only killed himself, the selfish bastard.

    • Erika Harrison Eanes Exactly he was so wrong for this and the more I read the sadder it gets.

  20. wow its starting to all come out now and jovon is looking bad as if it already wasnt bad enough.

  21. Sounds like typical rich jock who could not take his baby's momma getting her groove on too.He is no hero.