Father of 20 Kids Sentenced to Life in Prison After Keeping Diaries of His S*x Crimes Against Children

A father of 20 kids was sentenced to life in prison after police found diaries which detailed how he molested his own children and grandchildren. 

Ronald Little, 65, who lives in St Louis, pleaded guilty to 107 counts of child s*xual abuse. Little was already serving time for a a p@rnography charge. 

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports:

In St. Louis Circuit Court on Monday, he pleaded guilty to the state charges — more than 100 counts ranging from incest to sodomy — which were brought in 2010. Judge Robert Dierker ordered the prosecution’s recommended 30 years, which is “life” in Missouri.

Little s*xually abused his own family members, including his own children and grandchildren,  for two generations, until one child finally came forward with charges of abuse. Some of Little’s victims were as young as 4 and 5.

Prosecutors alleged that he molested members of his own family beginning in 1969, and continuing until 2010.

Prosecutors say Little provided them with the evidence they needed because he provided detailed notes of his s*xual encounters with each child. When police searched the home of Little’s 82 year old mother, they found binders of notes detailing abuse spanning several decades. They also found 156 illicit photos and an 11-inch knife with knuckle grips.

At the time of Little’s arrest, he owed over $100,000 in child support and had fathered at least 20 children.

Since the initial charges have been brought, at least four other women have gone to police to say that they were molested by Little as well.

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  1. Well he's going to have a lot of time to really feel the shame of what he's done. Believe me, when you are sitting in jail, it can be so lonely that the only thing you can do is think about what got you there. When you have done something this deplorable, time will kill you!

  2. I got chills just looking at this demonic shell of a man!

  3. I don't understand how something so horrible could have gone for so long especially in this day and time. I agree with Melissa, some family members knew. I sure there were rumors of this monster. The victim who came forward is a hero for not just him/herself but for the family. My God bless him/her and the victims of the sick, very sick @%#%^.

  4. I don’t get it! Why the hell would you let your child around this sick bastard after he has molested you????? As a child abuse survivor, any s.o.b that even looks at my kids crooked gets me in their face. I’ll be damned if I would let the s.o.b that molested me around any of my kids. Hell to the NO!!!!!!

  5. Damn some spiritual counseling. He needs the death penalty. He fathered children that he molested, but did not support. Exactly what was his purpose in the world. Nothing constructive that is for sure. I'd shoot him myself if I had the chance.

  6. Kimberly DefinitelyBlessesd Weathers

    For me the saddest thing of it all is that factually, child molesters generally were victims of molestation. The act of this molestation will in no doubt continue to spread, especially if these victims do not recieve treatment. Molesters create molesters.

  7. kill him asap.

  8. Teresa ReeseCup Turner

    When I read this I immediately thought he birthed these children for his sick desires….but he was doing family members too??? Ooh wow is all I can say. This man is too sick and there are just somethings that we should not even put in the news. Just roast him up and say good night!!!

  9. Death, is all I recommend!

    Phillip Gillon

  10. When this asshole is put in prison, I hope he’s raped repeatly!!!! If he can’t be with the prison population safe the tax payers some money and kill his ass!!!

  11. Are you serious? We need to watch certain family members

  12. I think I know of one of the persons who was molested by him. Everybody covered it up. Including ppl outside of the family. Yes it was a coverup.

  13. Dont waste the family time with court torch his azz then lethal injection him will slow that he can half way feel the pain them poor children and grandchildren been thou

  14. Well we need to pray for his victims, that they will not become victimizers. And as far as mr little….lets see what his diary reads after a few night behind bars! Sick demon possed man!

  15. Chassanie Mrsstephenjohnson-Hubbard

    Wow!!!!!! He doesn't need jail he needs a lifetime of psychological HELP this is a sickness that jail won't cure jail is for criminals this man is clearly sick and needs some help!!! My god my prayers go up for him as well as his victims because this only becomes a cycle of abuse and abusers.I pray for his sickness!!

    • He needs both. Children need to be protected from him and being imprisoned builds that barrier so that he has no access to another child. He also should be punished for his actions. In addition, he needs psychological, spiritual and personal counseling and help in order to understand, treat and manage his "sickness".

    • Smh! Lord I am sick of hearing about these "people" hurting children. I pray he gets the help he needs, but IMO he is going where he and everyone like him needs to be PRISION! We must protect our children.

  16. Tina Iwishuhbishwood Smith Herring


  17. ventoria gillespie


  18. Ann Gardner-Jackson

    This pervert is beyond disgusting and morbid and thankfully one of his vctims turned his sick and twisted butt into the authorities and now he'll be the victim of forced sodomy.

  19. Trina Runnels Holloman

    My God! That poor family has been terrorized & abused. Please stop the silence and talk with your children about appropriate touch & personal space. They MUST SNITCH when it comes to those things. If you were molested & keeping it a secret, please tell someone. Release the pain and own your life. God help us all.

  20. Death by lethal injection, immediately!

  21. Family members KNEW, and covered it up, they are just as sick as he. There is no way not one soul knew what this MONSTER was doing!

  22. My God! And we wonder where all these sick people come from. This guy was creating his own children to molest. OMG.

    • I thought the same thing. As I was reading, I was like damn this dude was breeding kids for his own sick sexual desires. Quite frankly, I don't believe he is capable of rehabilitation.

    • Jacquie Mylove-holman

      Molested children become Adults who molest. Done lived his entire life hurting people. Now in jail at 80. GENERAL POPULATION.