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Father of 20 Kids Sentenced to Life in Prison After Keeping Diaries of His S*x Crimes Against Children

A father of 20 kids was sentenced to life in prison after police found diaries which detailed how he molested his own children and grandchildren. 

Ronald Little, 65, who lives in St Louis, pleaded guilty to 107 counts of child s*xual abuse. Little was already serving time for a a p@rnography charge. 

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports:

In St. Louis Circuit Court on Monday, he pleaded guilty to the state charges — more than 100 counts ranging from incest to sodomy — which were brought in 2010. Judge Robert Dierker ordered the prosecution’s recommended 30 years, which is “life” in Missouri.

Little s*xually abused his own family members, including his own children and grandchildren,  for two generations, until one child finally came forward with charges of abuse. Some of Little’s victims were as young as 4 and 5.

Prosecutors alleged that he molested members of his own family beginning in 1969, and continuing until 2010.

Prosecutors say Little provided them with the evidence they needed because he provided detailed notes of his s*xual encounters with each child. When police searched the home of Little’s 82 year old mother, they found binders of notes detailing abuse spanning several decades. They also found 156 illicit photos and an 11-inch knife with knuckle grips.

At the time of Little’s arrest, he owed over $100,000 in child support and had fathered at least 20 children.

Since the initial charges have been brought, at least four other women have gone to police to say that they were molested by Little as well.

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