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NYC Cops Investigating Cold Case Find Dead Woman in Serial Killer’s Bed

New York investigators went to the home of parolee Lucius Crawford, 60, to question him about two 1993 cold case murders, only to find a woman stabbed to death in Crawford’s bed.

Crawford has a long rap sheet which includes numerous violent assaults against women, and later confessed to the murder of the woman in his home, along with two other women.

“He admitted that he has an anger issue. That he did in fact murder this young lady and he has in fact done this in the past,” Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Carl Bell told reporters.

Police arrived at Crawford’s home on Tuesday to discuss the 1993 murders of two women, one from the Bronx and the other from Yonkers, when they stumbled upon the victim, who’d only been killed a few hours earlier.

After entering Crawford’s Mount Vernon home, detectives found the body of a dead woman 41 year old woman under a sheet on the suspect’s bed. The woman had been stabbed in the chest, according to police.

Also in the home, detectives found Crawford’s tracking brace, which he had removed. Detectives immediately notified dispatch, and Crawford was found three hours later.

Police say they went to Crawford’s home because DNA evidence linked him to the 1993 killing of Nell West. Crawford has spent approximately half his life, 30 years, in prison for violent crimes.

In 2006, Crawford told a parole board he attacked women in because of “the way they act” and said he believed it was the women who had “provoked” him.

The name of the woman found dead in Crawford’s home has not yet been released.

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