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Mother Who Put Child Up For Adoption Without Father’s Consent is ‘Hurt’ For Adoptive Parents

A Utah woman is under fire for giving her child away in an adoption without telling her ex-husband, the child’s father, Terry Archane. Archane will be reunited with his daughter, thanks to a recent decision from a Utah custody judge.

The  judge has ordered Utah couple Jared and Kristi Frei, who are white,  to return the adopted toddler to her biological father because the child’s mother  gave up the infant without the father’s knowledge or permission.

Archane says he and his wife, Tira Bland, had been having marital problems, and his wife suggested abortion or adoption to him, but he encouraged her to keep the child.

Archane, an Army drill sergeant, was out of town when his wife prematurely gave birth to the child and gave it up for adoption.

Bland has come forward to say that all she wants for the child she gave away is to give her a good home.

“Her well being is all that matters to me,” Bland told ABC News. “I want to see her successful. I want to see her in a home, a good home.”

She also said she is hurt for the adoptive family.

“I’m hurt for the Freis,” Bland said. “They’re great people.”

Maybe they are great people, but it seems that Bland could’ve saved them a lot of heartache had she just signed parental rights over to the child’s father instead of them.

Bland says her husband abandoned her.

“They cared about me and the well being of Teleah when he wasn’t there, when he didn’t care,” Bland said. “He showed no interest in me being pregnant. When he left me, he didn’t leave me with an address. I didn’t have a home address on him.”

 The adoptive parents have 60 days to return Archane’s daughter to him. The Utah adoptive parents are vowing to put up a fight for the child, but it’s hard to understand why they would.
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