Mother Who Put Child Up For Adoption Without Father’s Consent is ‘Hurt’ For Adoptive Parents

A Utah woman is under fire for giving her child away in an adoption without telling her ex-husband, the child’s father, Terry Archane. Archane will be reunited with his daughter, thanks to a recent decision from a Utah custody judge.

The  judge has ordered Utah couple Jared and Kristi Frei, who are white,  to return the adopted toddler to her biological father because the child’s mother  gave up the infant without the father’s knowledge or permission.

Archane says he and his wife, Tira Bland, had been having marital problems, and his wife suggested abortion or adoption to him, but he encouraged her to keep the child.

Archane, an Army drill sergeant, was out of town when his wife prematurely gave birth to the child and gave it up for adoption.

Bland has come forward to say that all she wants for the child she gave away is to give her a good home.

“Her well being is all that matters to me,” Bland told ABC News. “I want to see her successful. I want to see her in a home, a good home.”

She also said she is hurt for the adoptive family.

“I’m hurt for the Freis,” Bland said. “They’re great people.”

Maybe they are great people, but it seems that Bland could’ve saved them a lot of heartache had she just signed parental rights over to the child’s father instead of them.

Bland says her husband abandoned her.

“They cared about me and the well being of Teleah when he wasn’t there, when he didn’t care,” Bland said. “He showed no interest in me being pregnant. When he left me, he didn’t leave me with an address. I didn’t have a home address on him.”

 The adoptive parents have 60 days to return Archane’s daughter to him. The Utah adoptive parents are vowing to put up a fight for the child, but it’s hard to understand why they would.
Watch the full interview here. 


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  1. From what I’ve read, he tried to keep in contact, he but she wouldn’t answer the phone etc…he didn’t know whether she’d had an abortion or given birth even!She, in fact, had abandoned the family home and moved to Utah which he learned through a friend. She eventually phoned him in June (wonder how she did that when she said she didn’t know how to contact him?) and told him she’d had the baby adopted. He then contacted the Adoption agency who refused to give him any information, and they went ahead knowing that he didn’t consent (the Fries were told this too,)so all in all he did everything he could to keep his child.

  2. Nikki PinkyBabi Wynn

    She was married to a person in the military, first she knew were he was because as a spouse she was entitled to medical benefits (TRICARE) and she had to be going to the doctor for prenatal.TRICARE paper work works both ways, its a paper trail for both partners and the information would have been given to her with her spouse id card issued to her through the military. Funny thing is if in fact he left and did not say anything to her she could have gotten intouch with him because best believe the Army knew where he was at. She did not want that man in the child's life and she put the baby up for adoption. Another point in what she did that is suspect, is the fact she allowed a set of parent in the state of Utah to adopt her baby. Utah is the toughest state in the Union to fight adoption. They have a set of stringent laws that allow adoptive parent way more rights than biological parents. She had someone helping her to give that baby away. Her story is full of holes and she did it on purpose, question is why didn't she go to his command about being abandoned?

  3. She did this to him because he is a normal, hardworking dude who married her & loved his daughter. If he was a "player" or "gangster" she would have treated him like gold.

  4. My heart breaks for this child, her natural father and her adoptive parents. The biological mother's actions started a chain of events that breaks hearts. I wonder if the father will allow the adoptive parents to remain a part of his child's life?

  5. Im with you battle. But ill hold off on him until we know whether he made the effort to keep in contact.

  6. Condemned!

  7. Whatever! He abandoned her while she was pregnant! Forget him!

    • He abandoned her while performing his duty as a Drill SGT in the United States Army? Yeah… sure.

    • Kristina Thomas-Tolan

      He didn't abandon her. He had to go on military duty. She just didn't want the baby and he did and she acted in a very selfish way that is now affecting multiple people.

    • She wasn't abandoned, he was out of town on work. She had the baby and gave it away without permission. Totally wrong.

  8. With the way the system (CS) works against Fathers, its easy to see how she thought it was in her right to take such an action. I also noticed that I don't see any mention of the legal aspects of this criminal act either. SMH

  9. She's crazy as hell! Period, that is all.

  10. One mistake I see a lot of people making w/ this story… They were MARRIED. The mother doesn't have to SIGN any parental rights over to the father… he automatically has them. I'm not sure where we got this misunderstanding that a mother has more rights to a child than the father… I guess since so many of us are unmarried. All this woman had to do was call him, tell him the baby was born and ask him to come get her.